Edon Resident Allison Herman Wins Car With Blood Donation


Allison Herman car WEBNo good deed goes unrewarded.

Perhaps its statements like this that prevent so many people from helping one another in times of need. On numerous occasions, it would take only the smallest of acts on the part of one person to change the life of their fellow man, yet the fear that said act only has the potential for negative consequence keeps them from doing so. Instead, they are relegated into making excuses as they ignore a problem for which they could easily be a part of the solution.

Maybe such a line of thinking should begin to change, as Allison Herman has dispelled that particular myth.

A regular blood donor, Herman was surprised to learn that she was one of five finalists drawn by The Medical Foundation of South Bend, Indiana from the roughly 2,600 people to give blood to the organization in the month of March. Since January, the Foundation has been holding such drawings as part of its Give It to Win It campaign, limiting the field to five before redrawing for the ranking of those lucky individuals. Each place receives a reward, but it is the overall winner who is handed the grandest prize of all; the keys to a new car.

Of course, Herman wasn’t concerned with any of this knowledge when she made the fateful donation. As a surgery nurse at Cameron Hospital in Angola, Indiana, she understands better than most the importance of donating blood. She’s also aware of how few people actually give their plasma for the sake of others.

“Only ten percent of people who can donate their blood do.” Herman stated, before clarifying, “That’s a very low percentage.”

Those who take donations are quite thankful that she thinks so, too. With a blood type of O-Negative, Herman is what is known as a universal donor, meaning that anyone can receive her blood in a transfusion. O-Negative types are quite rare, though, making every donation she makes all the more valuable.

Herman isn’t stingy with the highly sought after liquid coursing through her veins, either.

“I donate blood whenever possible.” She admitted. “It’s very rewarding to possibly save someone’s life.”

As it turns out, that wasn’t her only reward for her March contribution. Herman was selected as the winner of The Medical Foundation’s Give It to Win It contest on April 13. She was awarded with a new Ford Fiesta for her efforts.

“It felt really humbling to win by giving back.” Confessed Herman.

For Herman to be chosen as the winner against such a high volume of entrants should be considered a positive development on two fronts. Not only did she overcome some fairly low odds to win the car, but the fact that there were so many other names that could have been drawn means that the program is working. She would encourage those considering blood donation to get off of the fence and give.

“You never know,” Herman said, “you might win a car.”

Which just goes to show that sometimes, good deeds do go unrewarded, to say the least.

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