Edon School Board Hires New Teacher, Discusses Staffing


Edon Superintendent John Granger has begun looking for a new school secretary and has 25 candidates so far.

Granger discussed the search for a new secretary at the April 10 Board of Education meeting. Also discussed was the search for a fourth-grade teacher as well as a summer food program.

The majority of the secretary applicants are in the district, he said.
“It’s going to be a competitive process,” Granger said.

The person picked will have to be comfortable with working with machine gun fire,” Granger said. The position requires intelligence, technical skills and people skills, he said.

“Because it is a rat-a-tat-tat thing all day,” Granger said. “It requires a long fuse, because you may be dealing with a kid that’s throwing up and another one who got on the wrong bus and you got two phones ringing.”
Candidates will likely be asked different questions than a typical interview, Granger said.

“There is no other job like it in the school,” Granger said.

The district’s human resource process will be put through the wringer this summer with another two to three people leaving for other opportunities, Granger said. This means interviews throughout June and July, he said.

The school is losing Dawn Becker, Carl Sonneberger and Suzanne Hollabaugh, which also means to the loss of two junior high coaches and a varsity coach, Granger said. That means the school will be seeking applicants with coaching experience as part of the qualification process, he said.

A new hire for next year, Matthew Holcomb as K-12 physical education/health teacher, was chosen first as a teacher, but he also has experience as a varsity girls’ basketball coach and assistant varsity football coach at Hamilton Schools in Indiana, Granger said.
Supplemental contracts for Holcomb will be considered after further review.

“We do have an interest in filling our teaching spots with people who are willing to hold those supplemental contracts,” Granger said.

The district has 60 supplemental contracts to fill and even if every teacher had one, there would still be some left over, Granger said. He expects the district to fill those positions over the summer.

John Gallehue resigned as girls’ varsity basketball coach.

Care Coordinator Mindy Edwards and Granger visited with the Edon Ministerial Association, April 5. The purpose of the visit was to introduce Edwards and to present material regarding a Summer Food Program, through NOCAP, he said.

A number of communities have a similar program and Granger believes Edon should have well. Last year, there was talk about where some students were going to eat after school let out in May, he said.
The food is provided through Suzie’s Lunch Wagon. Volunteers will be needed to pick up and serve the food, Granger said.

“We are so lucky and so fortunate that our ministers work so well together,” Granger said. “A lot collaboration which helps the entire community.”

The school will try to put together the summer food program together as a pilot program this summer, Granger said. It will be offered the same as the intervention students are in school, he said.

Commend March 2017 High School Student of the Month, 10th grader, Chloe Thiel and March 2017 Junior High Student of the Month, eighth grader, Nevaya Deck, Chloe was unable to make the meeting due to a softball game. Principal Anthony Stevens described her as someone who always has a smile on her face, no matter ‘how painful’ the assignment.
“She accepts it without complaint. Chloe is a model student.”

Nevaya is described as being a uniquely grateful student for the smallest thing, Stevens said.

“When I got to tell her she was Student of the Month, she just started beaming and I don’t think she has stopped smiling,” Stevens said to the board. “She’s just a wonderful young lady. I am very pleased we could honor her this way.”

The board approved the FFA Club’s overnight trip to the state convention, May 4-5. Board President Jamie Schaffter will be one of the female chaperones.

Treasurer Deb Nester released her report for the month of March 2017 compared to March 2016. Revenues are up from last year by $448,925, and expenses are up by $192,217.

The district has 124.94 days cash, which is higher than last month due to the Real Estate Settlement Collection, Nester said.

• Real Estate Tax Settlement was received March 9 for $1,084,289, which is down from $1,135,484 last year, but higher than March 2015 when it was less than $1 million.

• Mobile Home Tax Settlement was received March 17 for $3,335, up from March 2016 ($2,744), but lower than March 2015 ($4,256).
A complaint from Metaldyne on the value of its property could result in a loss of $19,000, Nester said. The Williams County auditor will review the matter April 19, but is unlikely to give the complainant everything, Nester said.

The school has received $925 for post-prom from various individuals, Superintendent John Granger said. The same goes for FFA, which has received more than $400, he said.

Stevens is working on a list of policies that need to be revised to reflect changes in state law. One deals with truancy and he said he will be sitting down with attendance officers from Williams County Juvenile Probation to discuss the changes.

The high school choir director is requesting permission to take about 35 students and 10 adult chaperones on a trip to Chicago Nov. 17-18. The cost per student is about $225, Stevens said.

“Obviously they want to offset that with fundraising, which is why I am bringing this to you now,” Stevens said.

When asked by Board Vice President Cody Best who would cover the cost of transportation, Steven replied he is confident the teacher is under the impression the district will do so.

The board approved the trip, but will take up transportation at its May meeting.

The school’s FFA banquet was a hit with 450 people in attendance, Stevens said. The high school program had 100 students in grades 8-12 in the event and overall has 250, he said.

Having the banquet in the gym was considered a great decision, Stevens said agreeing with Schaffter.

The high school government classed traveled April 3 to the Williams -County Courthouse and CCNO.

The school sent several junior high students to recent solo and ensemble competition and received 28 “1’s” and seven “2’s.”

Elementary school Principal Michelle Molargik and another staff member are reviewing resumes to replace fourth-grade teacher Dawn Becker who is retiring this year. So far the school gas received 17 applications and interviews have begun.

The school’s daddy-daughter dance was taken over by a parent group and this year’s event had 110 people attend, Molargik said.

“For the first time there were actually dads dancing,” she said.
The goal is to see if it can be expanded to the other days in the summer, Granger said.

Edon will likely renew the shared agreement with Montpelier Exempted Village Schools for psychological services. A recommendation will be presented to the school board at the May meeting.

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