Edon Schools Name Media Center After Longtime Supporters

The Edon School Board met August 8 and dedicated the Media Center in honor of John and Marilyn Toner.

The Edon School Board met August 8 and dedicated the Media Center in honor of John and Marilyn Toner.

By: James Pruitt

John and Marilyn Toner have built a legacy in Edon and now the school district wants to make sure that legacy lives on for generations to come.

The Board of Education approved a resolution naming the Media Center after the couple Aug. 9 for their years of generous support, at the start of the regular meeting.

The couple was joined by family members.

“It really saps my strength to think that we are being honored,” John Toner said. “This is a wonderful school. We have wonderful boys and girls.

“The best day of my calendar year comes in April, when I got to interview the seniors for scholarships.”

The applicants surprise him in just when he thinks they won’t be better than the year before, they are. Education provides a child the basic skills to be a success in life.

From the library where both rich and poor can benefit to the school where the staff does a very good job, Toner said.

“I am just so pleased and proud to be a part of this community, and be part of the schools,” Toner said.

John Toner graduated from Edon High School in 1949 and went on to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, graduating in 1955. He later got his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1962.

John Toner was the first Edon graduate to also graduate from a military academy. He will donate his diploma from Annapolis to be displayed at the Media Center.

“It’s already framed, all we have to do now is find it,” John Toner said.

John Toner was grateful for the honor.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them for this recognition,” John Toner said outside the meeting. “The Edon Northwest School District and administration has honored us by naming the Media Center, the John and Marilyn Toner Media Center.”

In other news:
The athletic entrance project is complete. The new surface will keep a lot of dirt out of the back hallway, Superintendent John Granger said.

The school will be moving four benches from the front of the school to the back.

The district will be eliminating the bus route normally driven by Don Kramer, Granger said. Kramer is out of action with a back injury. The route will be blended into three other routes.

“All school bus routes are under an hour,” Granger said. Students who get on first in the morning, will be the first dropped off in the afternoon, he said.

A town route will be added even though the district is not obligated to transport students who live within two miles of the school, Granger said. The move came after a 20-year-old woman was taken off her bike near Metamora while out for a ride close to her home, he said.

“Mom can actually watch the child come through the front door or get on the bus,” Granger said.

The routes will be posted at the open house Aug. 16, and bus drivers will call parents to make sure everyone knows where the stops will be. Parents should call Granger with any complaints.

Kramer will inherit the town route when he returns.

The school’s Athletic Council met and gave High School Principal Anthony Stevens a chance to visit with the varsity head coaches and go over the coaches’ handbook.

A policy was presented for students who want to be dual participants, Steven said.

The issue of family vacations and sports schedules was also discussed.

In Stevens’ report , he talked about the results of the new state tests and the problems the state is having with some categories.

“They are still changing some numbers,” Stevens said.

Unlike last year when the district scored very well, the school did not do as well this year, Stevens said.

“We are struggling to understand (the results),” Stevens said. “I am very proud of the work our teachers and students have done.”

Eleventh-graders will likely take the ACT/SAT around April 19, 2017, as the district will have more time to prepare the students to do well on the test, Stevens said. Every junior will take the test, even if they do not plan on going to college after high school.

The date will allow the students to take the tests in a paper format, again a style they are used to, Stevens said.

The high school’s FFA chapter will send 18 members to the national convention Oct. 18-22 at Indianapolis.

Elementary School Principal Michelle Molargik said the preschool and Head Start programs are going to be bursting at the seams this fall. The morning session has 14 students signed up, while the afternoon session has 11.

The Head Start program is full at 16 children. The supplies were moved in Aug. 8, but the class won’t start until September so the elementary school will have time to get started first, she said.

Some teachers from the Summer Intervention program shared their experiences.

Enrollment stands at 544 with a week to go before classes begin. That’s a significant jump from the 504 from two years ago.

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