Edon Schools To Pave Parking Lot Next Summer, Plan Girls Lock-In At High School




Edon-Northwest School will be seeing a major improvement to its front parking lot.

Superintendent John Granger said the district will likely commence work on the project next summer. The Building and Grounds Committee will meet in November and/or December to begin discussions on the project, he said.

“We will make it look black again,” Granger said of the surface.

Granger also discussed the moving of four benches from the front of the school to the back. It appears to be a hit among students and they are usually filled.

The Jones memorial stone was moved to spot directly outside the cafeteria. The Jones family helped pay for a new tree.

The district’s finances are in good shape so far this school year, Treasurer Deb Nestor reports.

Year to date revenues ($1,970,953) are $450,810 higher than at the same time last year, a nearly 23 percent increase. Expenses ($1,610,514) are $111,642, which while 7 percent higher than last year, are still far lower than revenues.

This leaves the district with a surplus so far of $339,169.

The board also accepted the five-year forecast.

It shows a $1.1 million carry over for the first two years, 2017 and 2018, which are pretty solid. The last three years are fuzzy at best.

The carry over is projected to be $757,000 in 2019; $119,000 in 2020 and shortfall of $858,000 in 2021.

The long-range numbers should be taken with a grain of salt since conservative projections are used and knowing the state legislature has yet to come up with a new 2-year budget. Other factors such as expenses (staffing, fringe benefits and equipment) will likely impact the forecast as well.

The district is hovering around 550 students which is an increase over last year.

Principal Anthony Stevens reports a great week for homecoming among the student body. The homecoming dance drew a big crowd with at least 125 in attendance, he said.

“The kids had fun,” Stevens said.

Stevens introduced two students who attended an FFA Greenhand Camp Sept. 23-25. The students, Ariana Howard and Caitlyn Dietsch commented briefly on their experiences.

They attended the camp with Tray Howard, Jennifer Cook and Nick Schadewald.

The camp is for first-year or freshman FFA members. They get to meet state FFA officers and members from other chapters across the state.

They were involved in team-building activities.

Preparations are underway for the Butterfly Project Lock-in for girls in the school. The event falls between the fall and winter sports seasons Nov. 4-5.

The event includes building skills and developing leaders, Stevens said.

“We are going to focus on resilience and empathy,” Steven said.

The topic for the night is “When We Fail and Make Mistakes.”

The school administered the Oh Yes survey Sept. 30 to students in grades 7-11. The survey did not include sensitive questions about sexual activity, Stevens said.

Topics addressed included tobacco use, drugs, alcohol, bullying, home and school behaviors. Health-related topics included stress, self-image and physical activity.

Parents could opt their children out of the test. All results are anonymous and confidentiality is maintained.

The Elementary School report by Michelle Molargik included introductions of three women who are helping students in need: Mindy Edwards, Paula Fry, therapist, and Kelly Colon who works with all students K-12, but with an emphasis on the younger students.

The school received word the state has increased the minimum level of proficient students on the Report Card to 80 percent. The level must be reached if the school is to receive an indicator check. Last year the target was 74.5 percent.

In other news:
Granger said the calendar for 2017-18 will likely be ready for board approval by November. It will be almost identical to this year’s calendar.

The committee will develop the specs so the project can be put out for bid.

The Board of Education accepted the following donations

$100 from Psi Iota Xi Sorority for the Butterfly Project.

$800 from Great Midwest Sports for the Sports Fund.

$150 from Tom Symczak for a set of golf clubs.

The Junior High Student of the Month is Hunter Goebel and the Senior High student is Kailee Mitchell.

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