Edon Senior Center Staff Members Promoted

The seniors at the EdonSeniorCenter recently bid farewell to their site director Maggie Fisher, but were happy to see a familiar face in Peggy McClaine who took over the position at the Center.

Ms. Fisher had served as site director for six years. At the end of December 2012, she accepted the position of Finance Officer in the main office of the Williams County Department of Aging in Bryan, Ohio, following the retirement of Sue Manley who served there for 15 years. The job, though a new position for her, was already familiar. When she was studying for her Bachelor Degree in Gerontology at Bowling GreenStateUniversity, Maggie interned in the office. She enjoyed the experience very much. Though her original plans were to pursue a career in nursing and then Occupational Therapy, after interning at the office and volunteering at a Senior Center near her college, she decided that she wanted to continue to work with the elderly.

Maggie Fisher, former site director in Edon, is now the finance officer for the Williams County Department of Aging.

Maggie Fisher, former site director in Edon, is now the finance officer for the Williams County Department of Aging.

Though she loved working in close contact with the men and women of the SeniorCenter, she enjoys seeing the administrative and financial side of the agency. She is still able to help out seniors in this capacity.

While at the SeniorCenter, she most enjoyed being able to help them. By providing the services at the center, seniors are better able to remain in their own homes and stay independent. The center offers a nutritional meal and socialization, especially for those who have lost their spouse. When they go there, they know that there are people who care about them and will help them as best they can to fill the gap.

Maggie (formerly Maggie Flynn) said that having grown up in Edon, she was familiar with many of the people who came to the center, and knew generations of the same families. Some are the grandparents of her friends, so she already had a special relationship with them, and this relationship continues. She has already gone back to pay a visit to the senior citizens who love and appreciate her. She said that seniors are living longer, so that a need for a place for seniors to gather will increase over the years.

Maggie is currently residing in Bryan with her husband of three years Brandon Fisher, and their 1 ½ year-old daughter Sophie.

New site director Peggy McClaine had served as Maggie’s assistant for the last year. She began working for the center about two years ago, first in transportation after learning from a friend that the center was hiring. She had spent 2 years prior to this caring for her mother who had been ill, so she was familiar with the needs of the elderly.

Some of her activities as site director include transporting clients, getting meals around, planning activities, and anything else that they might need in order to help them. Meals are provided by the Department of Aging and are brought to the center from the SeniorCenter in Montpelier. The number of persons coming to the center varies from day to day. “Today we had 12 people, but we might get 30 to 40 on Birthday Day.” The EdonSeniorCenter is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They are closed holidays.

Peggy said that the seniors really enjoy coming to the center, and that they are not happy when the center closes for holidays and the weekend. For some, it is their only activity, and they are very happy to be able to gather together to play cards and chit-chat.

Peggy McClaine has been promoted from assistant to the new site director in Edon.

Peggy McClaine has been promoted from assistant to the new site director in Edon.

Peggy enjoys her new position as site director, but admits she misses working with Maggie. She said that she can still call her up at any time for advice, and that the staff is wonderful and always willing to help. Her favorite part of working with the men and women who come to the center is “seeing the seniors when they come through the door. They are happy to be here.” She added that when they all come together, “it’s great to hear them laugh.”

Peggy finds her work very fulfilling, and that it’s a “nice feeling when you go home and know you helped someone.”

Peggy and Mike, her husband of almost 34 years, live in Bryan. They are the parents of two grown children and have “3 ½” grandchildren.

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