Edon Theta Kappa Holds Annual Baskets, Bags, & Bling Bingo

ThetaKappaBingo WEBEdon’s Theta Kappa, a chapter of national sorority Psi Iota Xi, hosted its annual “Baskets, Bags and Bling Bingo” Sunday, Nov. 2 at the Edon Community Building. Winners took home Lonabarger Baskets, Coach Purses, 31 Bags, Premier Designs jewelry and other fabulous prizes. The event raised more than $4,300, and all proceeds will go back to the community through scholarships, donations, events and other projects. Pictured are a few of the day’s winners: front row, from left, Beth Dye, Allison Herman, Sharon Meyer, Emmie Hug, Brenda English and Mary Mohre; and back row, Caitlin Bohner, Tricia Bloir, Janie March, Melinda Resor, Karrie Turner, Sue Manley, Bonnie Phillips, Vicki Hake and Abby Mohre.


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