Edon Village Council Addresses Light Agenda

Edon Village Council Aug2014 LHF (2) WEBEdon Village Council addressed a straight-forward agenda when it convened in regular session Monday, August 18, 2014 in Council Chambers. President Chuck Bidwell called the evening meeting to order in Mayor Darlene Burkhardt’s absence with Councilors Roxana Nester, Lee Lawrence, Duane Thiel, Richard Chapin, Gale Horn, Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell and Solicitor Tom Thompson in attendance.

In matters brought forward, Council:

•Authorized Mayor Burkhardt and Planning Commission members to enter into a contractual service agreement with Bell Engineering Limited of Bryan for Village Zoning Inspector Services (overseeing zoning and planning needs) at an estimated cost of ten thousand dollars; the changeover from current employee-at-will Jim Lonabarger as Zoning Inspector could take place as early as October 1.

•Voted to suspend the three-reading rule and pass as an emergency Ordinance 05-14 Accepting Recodification of Ordinances 2014.

•Heard Police Chief Szymczak’s July Service Log (including 161 calls for service; 21 complaints; 12 citations; 32 warnings; no accidents; 3 alarms; 1 arrest; 17 assists; 74 follow-ups ) and detailed Vehicle Report, including fuel ($621.82) and maintenance ($119.78) costs for two squad cars. Additionally, he noted the Department had spent a good deal of time preparing for Edon Days.

•Was informed by Councilor Nester that a mini-excavator and trailer had been purchased by Edon Union Cemetery Board; it most likely will be utilized by Florence Township as well. She also shared plans are being drawn up to relocate the Cemetery’s Veterans Memorial Monument and Flagpole. Once moved to a more centralized location, perhaps by year’s end, new lighting, larger flagpole, landscaping, etc. is planned to be added; Council will be filled in as information becomes available.

•Learned Street Superintendent Brigle had spent time (about one week before and after) on jobs related to Edon Days along with sealing Village bridge decks; he also plans, within the next two weeks, to repair (durapatch) Village streets with assistance from Florence Township Grounds/Roads Maintenance Superintendent Jay Klingler.

•Heard the Park Board continues to look into forming a support organization similar to Friends of the Edon Public Library to help raise funds for upgrades at Village parks, estimated at fifty to sixty thousand dollars; Councilor Lawrence shared members are considering replacing older equipment and tearing up the tennis courts and reseeding the area as well.

•Was updated by Councilor Horn noting ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) would be checking into replacement signage along their right-of-way within the Village.

•Tabled further discussion of Oberlin Farms Demolition and Recycling’s quote to chip the Village’s brush pile at three hundred dollars per hour (minimum of six hours) until warranted.

•Accepted the Minutes, Financial Report and Bills as presented.

•Voted to enter into Executive Session prior to adjournment for the expressed purpose of discussing personnel; no action was taken.

The next regular monthly meeting of the Edon Village Council will be held Monday, September 15, 2014 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in Village Chambers.

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