Edon Village Council Authorizes Outdoor Digital Sign Purchase

By: Lucinda Held-Faulhaber

The use of digital signage to keep the community well-informed was addressed by Edon Village Council during its regular monthly session held Monday, April 18, 2016 in Council Chambers. Mayor Duane Thiel called the evening meeting to order with Councilors Lee Lawrence, Andy Ledyard, Mike Lirot, Dick Chapin, Chip Hulbert, Gale Horn, Village Administrator Randy Mahlman, Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell, Village Attorney Tom Thompson, Police Chief Tom Szymczak and two guests in attendance.

Presented by Councilor Lawrence, the proposed two-sided outdoor digital sign at Edon Village Hall would not only alert residents to village updates and events (annual large-item garbage pickups, for example) but could also notify the community of local activities, i.e. summer ball league games, and employment opportunities as well.

In addition to reviewing an estimated price-tag ranging from $7,500 to $22,000, councilors assessed how best to finance the project while also considering its impact on the budget. Members later factored in possible donations (bricks and labor to construct a support for the sign) that could help offset added costs for the undertaking. Subsequent discussion from both sides of the issue ~ alongside trusting to have all members involved ~ ultimately resulted in a formal motion introduced by Councilor Lawrence.

With a 4-2 vote ~ Councilors Hulbert, Ledyard, Lirot and Lawrence in favor of moving forward with the project; Councilors Chapin and Horn opposing it ~ authorization was approved to purchase a 15mm pixel pitch digital sign. Village Capital Outlay monies will fund the project; cost is not to exceed the maximum budget set at $15,000.

In other matters brought forward, Council:

•Accepted Village Attorney Thompson’s updated Rules of Council standards as presented.

•Took note of concerns of property-owner Brenda Leonard regarding zoning violations next to the South Summit Street location. While beginning to prepare the property for sale, she asked for council’s help and cooperation to have shingles, wood chunks, trailers and vehicles (unless legally titled) removed from the adjacent lot. Mayor Thiel assured her the matter would be addressed and the specified area would be cleaned.

•Heard Administrator Mahlman’s monthly report noting he had met with local business owners to discuss matching-grant funding opportunities and would be meeting later on with Dimension Veneer and Plas-Tec personnel about State assistance as well; Walz Park is open with all drinking fountains operational; a drinking fountain will be installed shortly at Baker Park; Village curbs were cleaned while the drain near Woodville and Grove Streets was jetted (done periodically when iron backup occurs). He further shared he will be working with Dimension Veneer concerning possible installation of a fire suppression line (for insurance purposes); new Village street signs are put up (remaining signs will be installed next year); quotes to chip seal Bunny Lane and Irene Drive will be readied for next month (more economical than micro-surfacing) and work scheduling for the next weeks includes painting, repairing, etc. the Depot, cleaning catch basins and dura-patching Parkway Street and Sandy Lane in preparation of the 2017 Paving Project.

•Learned maintenance worker Taylor Headley would be leaving the Village’s employment; Administrator Mahlman is currently receiving résumés for the position. Once the application and interview process is completed, a recommendation for hire will be presented for council’s approval.

•Heard Police Chief Szymczak’s monthly Service Log and Vehicle Report for March 2016. Additionally, he noted annual Golf Cart Inspections would get underway May 1 at the Police Department; he’d presented two programs at Edon Northwest Local Schools; had attended the County’s “Needs and Training” meeting and had participated in the annual Williams County Mock Crash for high school students.

•Scheduled a joint meeting with the Zoning Board on May 24 (prior to the evening’s regular session) beginning at 6:00 p.m.; members will discuss zoning along with possible procedural changes.

•Postponed action to approve the updated Village of Edon Employee Handbook; Village Attorney Thompson’s revisions are still in progress.

•Accepted the Financial Report, bills and minutes from the March 21, 2016 regular session as presented.

The next monthly meeting of Edon Village Council will be held Tuesday, May 24, 2016 beginning at 7:00 p.m. in Village Chambers.

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