Edon Village Council Tables Medical Marijuana Ban

Edon Village WEBEdon Village Council noted the following information during their recent meeting:

Fall trash pick-up is Oct. 1.

No major incidents at Edon Days.

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The village is giving the employee handbook an extensive overhaul. Officials estimate it will take 40-45 hours to complete.

The council approved the second reading of Resolution 03-16 accepting the 2017 budget rates.

The council approved the first reading of Ordinance 03-16 accepting the recodification of Edon Village Ordinances.

The council tabled action on Ordinance 04-16 prohibiting cultivation and etc. of Medical Use Marijuana.

The council received the monthly report from Village Administrator Randy Mahlman.

– built and installed clarifiers at the wastewater treatment plant.
-Fixed water service valve leak.
-Plans to flush hydrants the week of Sept. 12.
-Found and recorded 27 water shutoffs.
-Is waiting on one more quote for roof replacement of Walz Park Shelter house.
-Finishing building bat houses, which will be hung for mosquito control.



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