Family, Bryan Board Angered By Preschooler Being Left On Bus

The grandfather of a boy who was left on a Bryan school bus expressed his concerns over the incident to the school board Dec. 22.

Brad Plummer said his grandson was left on the school bus rather than being escorted from the bus to preschool. The family has concerns regarding how the system broke down which led to the incident.

Plummer asked several questions regarding the of the incident.

Trustee Ryan Miller stated the Board would provide answers to their questions once the investigation was completed. Miller said he was very upset by the incident and “the safety of students is of the upmost importance.”

Trustee Glen Newcomer said he was angered and shocked by the incident and said student safety is paramount, and the family deserved answers to their questions.

Trustees Emily Ebaugh and Cindra Keeler agreed with the comments of Miller and Newcomer and they were very sorry the incident took place.

The board will ask voters May 2 to support the renewal of the emergency tax levy which expired at the end of 2016. The levy is more than the 10-mill limit, is good for five years and collects $1.9 million annually.

The board’s organizational meeting for 2017 will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 9. It will take place at the Field House Conference room followed by the regular meeting.

Ryan Miller was approved to serve as President Pro-tem for organizational meeting. (Conducts meeting until president is elected.)

During the meeting the following will occur:
•Service fund established.
•Board committees appointed.
•Establish meeting schedule for 2017.
•Ohio School Board Association Membership considered.
•Board Committee Assignment for 2017:
•Cindra Keeler as Board representative for Four County Career Center.

Reports and Actions
Keeler reported:
•Four County will host an open house Jan. 9 for incoming students and their families.
•Various clubs at Four County will begin competitions at the local level.
•Four County will host the Skill USA regional competition Feb. 17. There will be 27 career centers with more than 1,000 students competing in 34 different contests.

The board also approved:
•Appropriation Modifications for FY2017: The district’s general fund will be nearly $21 million with total appropriations at $27.3 million,
•Authorization to establish Fly Angling Club Fund.
•Authorization to establish Light Shine Singers Fund.

•$325 from Bryan Wrestling Club to the BCS Wrestling program
•$250 from Newlyn Quest to the BCS Wrestling program
•$250 from Newlyn Quest to the BHS Football program
•$600 from Newlyn Quest to the BCS Band program
•$500 from Newlyn Quest for Chrome Book Insurance
•$500 from Newlyn Quest to the Bear Bag program
•$500 from the Bryan Area Networking Club to the Bear Bag program
•Book bags from Image Pro for the Bear Bag program
•$2500 from Dean & Ann Spangler to the Band Trip fund
•$150 from Vivian Taylor for library books at Washington Elementary School

Change Order 109 for the Bryan Elementary School Construction Project: Fungal Remediation PK-5 $50,515.36.
Change Order 113 for the Bryan Elementary School Construction Project: Technology Equipment $906,618.

The board recognized the following commendations:

6-12 Campus
•High School Students of Action (responsible) Jux Clark, Kennedy Lamberson, Bryce Gambler, Lauren Redhead.
•Middle School Students of Action (responsible) Dylan Dominique, Aaliyah Lloyd, Landon Shilling, Beckett Stark, Jordan Beck, Connor Brown, Colton Smith, Chloe Wyllie, Elaina Knight, Breanna Long, Trevor Slicker, Collin Barrow-Whetro.

Bryan Elementary schools
Character Trait Student Commendations (responsibility)

Washington Campus
Cooper Vollmer, Masen Gineman, Rose Schwender, Makenna Myers, Charlotte Durbin, Marisa Gulick, Zoey Berkebile, Kors Matthews, Hunter Hancock, Rylee Arquette, Zoi Carlin, Rachel Sparks, Ethan Longoria, Taylor Pelz, Meela Ruth, Lila Brock, Nash Kendrick, Ava Altaffer, Colton Sheline, Emma Roose, Alexander Diaz, Braya Hepker, Chad Gambler, Jasmine Dauwalter, Chloe Larry, Angel Brown, Michael Lichtle, Phoenyx Pessefall, Andrew Vacarro, Izabella Lewis, Kaidi Blanton, Josiah Cummins, Claire Thormeier, Zoey Cordy, Brayden Wolfrum

Portland Campus
Kinlee Blankenship, Mya Parker, James Jinkins, Olivia Walkup, Emma Carpenter, Elijah Cummins, Taylor Dominique, Alea Shilling, Kassi McDade, Anvi Patel, Amiyah Langham, Irelyn Fryman, Miley Mason, Riley Sloan, Arianna Torres, Arella Alyanakian, Aidyn Rodeheaver, Madison Inkrott, Lynley Day-Hemenway, Mya Federspiel, Cooper Beltran, Brennen Mosier, Ella Kendrick, McKenzie Mason, Hailee Wilson, Macy Xie, Avery Flocker, layna Langham, Maddox Langenderfer, Rayner Clemens, Cooper Bell, Mercedes Moreno, Ella Voigt, Cody Bunting, George Brown.

P.E. Character Bear Classrooms @ Washington – Miss Siebenaler, Mrs. Diaz, Mrs. Good
P.E. Gold Slip Winners @ Washington – Charlotte Durbin, Josiah Cummins
P.E. Sportsmanship Classroom @ Portland Campus – Mrs. Schroeder
P.E. Gold Slip Winner @ Portland Campus – Dylan Klender
Roll Call ~ Ayes: Keeler, Lingvai, Miller, Newcomer, and Ebaugh. Nays: None. Abstain: None.

Upcoming Meeting Dates
•LPDC/Master Teacher– 8 a.m. March 2– Field House Conference Room
•Business Advisory Council – 7 a.m. March 14 – Field House Conference Room

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