Family Travels Together To Share The Faith Through Music

Mette Family WEBWhen the Mette family pulls into a church, it is usually not what people are expecting. Eight people step out of the vehicle, and people are naturally struck with curiosity.

“Often they think that we are lost or on a vacation until we tell them that we travel full-time sharing the gospel through music,” Michael James Mette, a Catholic musician and speaker, recounted. The Mette family has adapted to a lifestyle which has taken them from coast to coast, traveling through 41 states in the past two years. “People always ask if the kids sing on stage with me, “explained Michael. “I think they are envisioning some sort of Catholic Partridge family. It’s not really that style of music. It’s not meant to be liturgical music, it’s meant to draw people into an experience,” Michael said of his alternative rock. “I try to provide an environment for people to experience God in a new way.”

The evening concerts incorporate lights and video to supplement the music and the family’s testimony. Michael describes his music as “passionate like a Friday night and reverent like a Sunday morning.”

The six children join Michael and his wife, Michelle, on the road not to perform, but to preserve the family unity. “Before we traveled together I felt constantly torn between my vocation as a father and my occupation as a musician” Michael stated. “Traveling together has alleviated that tension.”

His wife, Michelle, agrees. “Michael gets to be home for bedtimes each night, and I don’t have to spend time in car pool lines. This was the natural next step for us.”

Michael’s latest album “Arts + Humanity” reflects this integrated lifestyle. The music sounds modern, while the lyrics delve into the timeless riches of the faith. “I try to write with a sacramental imagination,” Michael said. Songs like “Jesus Prayer” reflect an intimate, vulnerable spirituality, while “The Beat Goes On” is positively pop.

Michael James Mette is a Catholic musician and speaker from St. Louis, Missouri. He has toured nationally with his family since May 2013. Michael’s Website,, hosts music videos, booking information and a blog featuring stories of their travels. “Arts + Humanity” is available digitally on iTunes and

Michael James Mette will be performing a concert locally on Monday, August 24, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in St. Mary Catholic Church, 300 South Michigan Avenue, Edgerton, Ohio. The public is invited and all are welcome. There is no admission charge, but a free will offering will be taken at the concert.

Contact Michael James Mette at,, or at 4976 Lindenwood Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63109.


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