Fayette Board Of Education Addresses Concerns With Letting High School Grads Play Basketball

Allowing high school graduates to play basketball with the current varsity players will be reviewed following comments from a Fayette Local Board of Education member.

Fred Stockburger questioned the practice at the board’s meeting Jan. 11. The comments came while the board was approving contracts with individuals for coaching positions at the school.

Stockburger’s point was the coaches had to pass a background and reference checks but these adults were allowed in without any background checks. The possibility for damage to a student seems greater with the adult males who would share a locker room with students, he said.

“Why are we doing background checks on volunteers?” Stockburger asked.

The prudent thing to do would be to have the adults use a different bathroom or locker room than the students, Amy Metz-Simon said.

Superintendent Erik Belcher said he would talk to the coach about the situation and check the backgrounds of adults coming into team practices.

In a related matter, the board discussed the licensing coaches must have to be able to oversee teams and get paid. Without the proper license, coaches will not get paid for their work.

The board heard from Allie Reucher about the preschool program.

The program carries the highest possible ranking the state offers. The program has two full-day classrooms offering classes five days a week and one half-day classroom.

The program accepts open enrolled students. It provides transportation for all preschool students living within the district.

“We do not turn students away,” Director Allie Reucher said. “Our goal is to engage all of our preschool-aged children (3-5 year olds) in developmentally appropriate, play-based learning, so that all of our students are kindergarten-ready.”

The program has an after school program as well to accommodate parents when their work schedules do not match up with school dismissal times.

Other items of note about the preschool:
• Referral discount available
• Scholarships are available, and tuition based on need
• No one is turned away
• Three sessions – a.m., p.m., all day
• School hours are 8 a.m.-2:45 p.m. Monday – Friday
• Academics in all sessions
• All day includes lunch, rest time, arts, gym & music
• Transportation available
• Extended day program after school
• Welcoming out-of-district students
• Class size limited

For more information about registering, availability, and to schedule a visit please feel free to call between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Contact Fayette Elementary Office 419-237-2776.

In other matters, work continues on the school calendar for the next two years. The big change for 2017-18 is the work day for teachers will be moved from after New Year’s to before Christmas to allow staff more time to get report cards out.

The district had 5 new students this week.

The board accepted the following donations:
• $200 from Christian Women’s Ministries for student needs
• $800 from Fulton County Pork Producers for FFA activities
• $1,000 from Fayette Area Foundation for new soccer goals
• 3-D Printer and program from Lucas Garrow, valued at $999
•$396 for student lunches for the month of December 2016 from Curtis and Irene Fether.

The board approved:
• Jaime Rupp as preschool teacher for 2016-17.
• FMLA for Dana Beaverson through Feb. 14.
• Chad Livinder as substitute custodian and substitute bus driver
• Aaron Hylander as van driver.
• Sarah Altstaetter as van driver.
• Barb Figgins as seventh-grade volleyball coach for 2017-18.
• Amy Herman as eighth-grade volleyball coach for 2017-18.
• Nelson Barhniser as assistant golf coach for 2017-18.
• Ryan Colegrove as varsity golf coach for 2017-18.
• Matt Maginn as assistant cross country /junior high cross country coach for 2017-18.
• Bryan Stambaugh as varsity cross country coach for 2017-18.
• Amy Hibbard as assistant track/junior high coach for 2016-17.

Rescind motion to approve Tyler Downing as assistant track/junior high coach for 2016-17.

Kirk Keiser was selected as board president and meetings will be on the second Monday of the month.


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