Fayette Board Of Education Fine Tunes Preparations For Upcoming Year

The Fayette Local Board of Education met in regular session on the evening of August 10.

The Board presented an Honor Resolution to the Maintenance Staff for their dedicated work, and the Fayette Athletic Boosters were on hand to discuss the fields project.

The Board approved the financial report for June 2015 and July 2015, the inventory disposal and record retention disposal reports, and the report for income earned from investments with an associated fee or commission for fiscal year 2015.

The Board entered into several agreements, including:
•To participate at the Fulton County Fair by promoting the district and the Fayette Virtual Academy September 4-10, 2015.

•A two year contract with Julian & Grube, Inc. to perform the agreed upon procedures for reporting purposes for Medicaid settlement for fiscal years 2014 and 15 at $1,700 each year.

•The GFTA agreement with the board for fiscal years 2016 and 17, add language to tuition reimbursement, 1.5% base pay increase, one-time annual payment of 2% base pay for fiscal year 2016 and 1.5% of base pay for fiscal year 2017 and change NHS supplemental schedule and add a new supplemental position for student/incentives coordinator.

•The addendum to Chapter #21 OAPSE contract dated July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017 to include a one-time annual payment of 2% base pay for FY 16 and 1.5% of base pay for fiscal year 2017.

•The one-time annual payment and college tuition reimbursement to administrators as defined in GFTA amended contract dated July 27, 2015.

•An annual salary adjustment of $5.00 to daily wage for Superintendent, Treasurer, Principal and Director of Digital Academy.

•A salary increase of $500 for Amy Gorsuch as food service director for fiscal years 2016 and 17.

•The nutritional guidelines for food items sold within the school

•Approve a payment in-Lieu of Transportation for Rusty Lavinder to transport student for 2015-2016 for $800.00.

•A payment in-Lieu of Transportation for Heather Borton to transport student for 2015-2016 for $400.00.

•The contract with Wood County Juvenile Detention Center and Juvenile Residential Center of NW Ohio in the amount of up $64.00 per day at the JDC and $64.00 long-term care daily rate at the JRC and $45.00 for short term and $55.00 for long term placement at ALC.

•The bid of $ 46,934.25 from Current Tek Solutions to purchase 205 Lenovo N21 Chromebook and management console system.

In matters of personnel and staffing, the Board approved:

•An additional 3.59 extended days for Janna Ballmer for fiscal year 2015 to complete guidance records and responsibilities.

•An additional 2 extended days for Lacy Stambaugh for fiscal year 2015 to complete EMIS records and reporting.

•Aaron Hylander as a Grant Classroom Reduction Specialist for fiscal year 2015 at a rate of $116.00 per day.

•The following list substitute bus drivers for the 2015-2016 school year upon completion of all requirements to become a licensed driver:
Rodney Kessler
Dan Seiler
JoAnn Cousino
Chris Pennington
Stephanie Leininger
Jared Wanemacher
Rod Sommers
Kevin (Scoop) Miller
Doris Cuff
Ann Schmunk

•The following school employees, van certified to transport students, upon completion of yearly requirements:
Todd Mitchell
Keith Klein
Pamela Schultz
Ryan Colegrove
Mike Slyker

•The following lists of classified subs for fiscal year 2016:
Eloise Wyse
Wendy Burkholder
Janice Repp
Veronica Molina

Eloise Wyse
Denise Baker
Michelle Becker
Ruth Hutchison

Beverly Figgins
Janice Repp

•Ruth Hutchison for a classroom volunteer for fiscal year 2016.

•Katie Borer as JV Volleyball coach for fiscal year 2016.

•Abby Short as 7th/8th Grade Girls Basketball Co-Coach for fiscal year 2016.

•Barbara Bruggeman for a substitute teacher and/or classroom volunteer for fiscal year 2016.

•The following supplemental positions for fiscal year 2016:

Supplemental Positions
Class of 2016 – Carol Burkholder & Kami Downing
Class of 2017 – Lisa Hintz & Ryan Colegrove
Class of 2018 – Andrea Jacobs & Rebecca Nelson
Instrumental – Laura Miller
Vocal Music – Jennifer Cobb
Yearbook – Ryan Colegrove
National Honor Society – TBD
Language Club – Jacqueline Davis
Quiz Team – Lisa Hintz
LPDC Chairperson – Suzette Boesger
Student Council (HS) – Sarah Altsteatter
Science Club – TBD
Student/Incentive Coordinator – TBD
Prom Directors – Lisa Hintz & Ryan Colegrove (split 50/50)
Non-paid positions
Class of 2019 – Geoff Gilmore & Scott Sanderson
Class of 2020 – Sarah Altstaetter & Pamela Schultz
Class of 2021 – Sheila Killam & Keith Kline

•The resignation of Christine Pennington as a cook effective August 6, 2015.

•Jacqueline Davis to provide translating services for the district at $20.00 per hour.

•Student transportation, including bus routes for 2015-2016 and authorize the Superintendent/designee to make any changes necessary to these routes.

•The Student Activities Handbook for advisors/coaches for 2015-2016.

•The budget for the student activities for fiscal year 2016

•The Student/Athlete Handbook for 2015-2016

•An annual Chromebook fee for each student in grades 7-12 of $35.00, with a family cap of $90.00.

Prior to adjournment, the Board agreed to appoint a delegate and alternate to the Annual Business Meeting of the Ohio School Boards Association on November 9. Robert Brubaker was named as Delegate and Kirk Keiser as Alternate.


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