Fayette Board Of Education Prepares For Upcoming School Year

The Fayette Local School Board of Education approved:

-A payment in-Lieu of Transportation for Rusty Lavinder to transport student for 2016-17 for $800.

-A payment in-Lieu of Transportation for Heather Borton to transport student for 2016-17 for $400.

-The contract with Wood County Juvenile Detention Center and Juvenile Residential Center of NW Ohio in the amount of up $64 per day at the JDC and $68 long-term care daily rate at the JRC and $50 for short-term and $55 for long-term placement at ALC.

-Neola policy #3223 on Standard Base School Counselor Evaluation.

-The Student Activity Handbook for FY 17.

-Aaron Hylander as a Grant Classroom Reduction Specialist for FY 17 at a rate of $116 per day

-Barbara Bruggeman as a Title Math Specialist for FY17 at a rate of $116 per day

-A one-year contract for Denise Link as a building secretary for FY 17

-Jacy Lewellen as JV Volleyball coach for FY17

-Carrie Johnson as JH cheerleading coach for FY17

-Barb Figgins as seventh-grade volleyball coach for FY17

-Nelson Barnhiser as assistant golf coach/JH Golf Coach for FY17

-One-year contract for Abby Short as athletic director/permanent substitute teacher for FY17

-Scott Wagner as eighth-grade boys basketball coach for FY17

-Ben Sly as seventh-grade boys basketball coach for FY17

-A one-year contract for Teressa Spieth for a cook position for FY17

-Substitute bus drivers for the 2016-2017 school year upon completion of all requirements to become a licensed driver: Rodney Kessler, Kevin Miller, JoAnn Cousino, Chris Pennington, Stephanie Leininger, Jared Wanemacher, Rod Sommers, Ann Schmunk, Lynn Ann Farley

-The school employees van certified to transport student(s) upon completion of yearly requirements: Todd Mitchell, Keith Klein, Pamela Schultz and Ryan Colegrove

-Dorma Eberly as a van certified sub driver to transport student(s) upon completion of yearly requirements.

-Classified subs for FY 17: Cafeteria: Denise Baker, Wendy Burkholder, Janice Repp, Dawn Figgins, Dorma Eberly, Heather Ruger; Secretary: Eloise Wyse, Denise Baker, Michelle Becker, Ruth Hutchison, Amy Hibbard; Custodial: Janice Repp, Tarry Moor, Reid Short.

-Five additional extended days for Janna Ballmer for Guidance services for FY 16.

-The list of supplemental positions for FY 17:

Class of 2017 – Lisa Hintz and Ryan Colegrove
Class of 2018 – Andrea Jacobs and Rebecca Nelson
Class of 2019 – Geoff Gilmore and Scott Sanderson
Instrumental – Jeff Dunford
Vocal Music – Stephanie Kirkum
Yearbook – Ryan Colegrove
National Honor Society – Aaron Hylander
Language Club – Jacqueline Davis
Quiz Team – Aaron Hylander
LPDC Chairperson – Suzette Boesger
Student Council (HS) – Sarah Altsteatter
Student/Incentive Coord – Aaron Hylander
Prom Directors – Andrea Jacobs and Rebecca Nelson (split 50/50)
Non-paid positions
Class of 2020 – Sarah Altstaetter and Pamela Schultz
Class of 2021 – Sheila Killam and Keith Kline
Class of 2022 – Suzette Boesger and Sarah Weiland
Government and History – Lisa Hintz

-The following for pay to organize and operate the summer ball program 2016.
Barb Figgins $2,500
Jason Ohlemacher $1,000

-Student transportation, including bus routes for 2016-2017 and authorize the superintendent/designee to make any changes necessary to the routes.

-Budget for the student activities for FY2017.

-Annual Chromebook usage fee for each student in grades 7-12 of $35, with a family cap of $90.

Keiser was appointed to be the delegate and Brubaker as the alternate delegate to attend the Annual Business Meeting of the Ohio School Board Association on Nov. 13-16.



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