Fayette School Board Makes Numerous Preparations For 2016-17

The Fayette Local Board of Education convenend in regular session on the evening of May 9.

The Board approved the financial report from April, 2016, and the updated 5 – year forecast for fiscal year 2016. The Board agreed to establish an account relationship with Sherwood State Bank, authorizing Kelly Bentley as Treasurer and David Brinegar representing the Board as Vice President as signers for the any type of deposit account, authorizing Bentley and Irene Fether to pick up night depository bags on behalf of the school district. The Board accepted a $500 donation from the Lester Family to pay towards the FFA Washington Leadership Conference fees.

In matters of personnel, the Board extended two-year certified staff contracts to Jennifer Cobb, Jenna Ford, Timothy Morr and Jacqueline Davis, and two-year classified staff contracts to Bobbie Jo Repp and Veronica Molina. The Board agreed to fill the following coaching positions for 2016-2017:

Ryan Colegrove – Varsity Golf
Matt Maginn – Varsity Cross Country
Bryan Stambaugh – Asst. Cross Country/JH
Brenda Wagner – Varsity Volleyball
Amy Herman – 8th Grade Volleyball
Tim Morr – Varsity Girls Basketball
Abby Short – JV Girl Basketball
Matt Maginn – Boys JV Basketball
Ryan Colegrove – 9th Grade Boys Basketball/Varsity Assistant
Mat Johnson – 7th Grade Boys Basketball
Tyler Downing – 8th Grade Girls Basketball
Kandi Lemley – Varsity/JV Cheerleader

The Board also approved Kylie Rufenacht and Amy Hibbard as volunteer girls basketball coaches for 2016-2017 pending proper background and reference checks.

In other personnel matters, the Board granted FMLA leaves for Deb Rupp, Pamela Schultz and Sarah Weiland. The Board agreed to a stipend from the NOVA Fund to compensate for additional work for the program put forth by Rebecca Short in the amount of $2,000.00 for fiscal year 2016, and NOVA salaries for fiscal year 17 for Patricia Ross at $24,000.00 plus benefits, and Rebecca Short at $14,520.00 plus benefits which includes STRS/SERS and Medicare. The Board extended a three year contract of 260 days for Rebecca Short as Technology Coordinator and NOVA Technology Beginning July 1, 2016 (NOVA fund will supplement for the additional 66 days of NOVA Tech support), and hired Patricia Ross as an Education Consultant for NOVA for 2016-2017.

The Board hired Reid Short as a substitute custodian for fiscal year 16 pending proper background and reference checks, and Justin Salkowski and Alexander Jaramillo as student 2016 summer custodial help for up to 30 hours per week, pending proper background and reference checks.

The Board agreed to pay any unused vacation days to Irene Fether upon completion of the calendar cycle, up to 5 days, and allowed the following extended time amounts (up to but not to exceed) beyond the contract year for 2016-2017 fiscal year:

Janna Ballmer – 15 days – Guidance
Pam Schultz – 35 days – Ag/FFA
Ag Substitute – 10 days – Ag/FFA
Marge Crowell – 5 days – JH/HS Secretary
Deb Rupp – 5 days – Elementary Secretary
Lacy Stambaugh – 5 days – EMIS

The Board entered into several agreements, approving:

•The membership with OHSAA (Ohio High school Athletic Association) for the 2016-2017 school year

•A Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center agreement to provide services for fiscal year 17.

•The Fulton County Health Department to provide school nurse services for fiscal year 17 in the amount of $5,928.

•A two year contract with Julian & Grube, Inc. to provide an AUP (Agreed-upon procedures) Statement for ODE and Medicaid review process for fiscal years 16 and 17

•A contract for fiscal years 16 and 17 for Central Ohio Medical Review, LLC for services related to Ohio Medicaid Referrals for services at per student charge of one service at $40, 2 services at $60 and 3 services at $75.

•A contract with the Fayette Normal Memorial Library to provided services for preschool through Grade 12, beginning June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017. District will provide supplies and materials for educational programs and library services performed both at the school and library, the amount shall not exceed $12,000.00.

•A service agreement with Public Broadcasting Foundation of Northwest Ohio (WGTE Public Media) for educational services provided by Educational Resource Center for the 2016-2017 school year at the basic level – no fees for this service.

•The Hylant Group to provide Property Insurance coverage through Ohio School Plan in the amount of $25,652 beginning July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

•Neola policies – updates and revisions.

•Dr. James Williams and the Activate Clinic for bus/van drivers’ physicals for 2016-2017.

•The list of seniors for graduation for 2016 pending their completion of all requirements necessary to graduate from Fayette High School:

•The student trip to Europe (Holocaust trip) June 2018.

•Soccer as a club sport beginning Summer 2016 with Scott Sanderson as the club advisor.

•The High School/JH school fees for fiscal year 2017.

•The Elementary student fees for fiscal year 2017 at $45.00 per student.

•The lunch prices for 2016-2017:

Student K-6 $2.50 (No change)
Student 7-12 $2.80 (No change)
Adult $4.00
Milk $.50

Under suspended rules of reading, the Board decided to suspend bidding in order to approve a Micro Bird GM 9-passenger van purchase from Cardinal Bus Sales as per specs.

Prior to adjournment, Board President Kirk Keiser presented Paula Stambaugh and Jeff Martin as the levy campaign committee co-treasurers.


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