Fayette Schools Hold 2014-15 Academic Awards On May 19th

Fayette Awards - TK 020By: Timothy Kays

The eastern seating area of the Fayette High School gymnasium was packed with students and community members for the annual Fayette Academic Awards Ceremony on the evening of May 19.

Amongst the presentations of awards, recognitions and scholarships, including new scholarships to the Fayette Local District, the official recognitions of the Class of 2015 Valedictorian and Salutatorian were made. Although it was the worst kept secret in the state, the official recognitions of Liz Maginn and Dylan Stannard as Valedictorian and Salutatorian were none the less received with the honor and respect that these fine students richly deserved.

At the end of the ceremonies, Mr. Jon Molter, who is closing his first year as the Principal of the Fayette Local Schools, broke with tradition, giving a brief, impromptu speech to the parents of the kids. The gymnasium fell silent as an emotional Mr. Molter, voice quivering, thanked and congratulated the parents on the accomplishments of their children.

Those receiving awards, scholarships and other recognitions on this evening included:

Perfect Attendance – Jacob Myers, Grace Runyon
OHSAA Scholar Athlete – Liz Maginn, Dylan Stannard
U.S. Army Reserve Scholar Athlete – Koby Biddix, Paige Keefer
West Point Leadership Award – Koby Biddix
Franklin B. Walter Scholarship – Dylan Stannard
Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award – Koby Biddix, Paige Keefer
Courageous Student Award – Wade Burkholder
Fayette Foundation Scholarship – Ceairia Keller, Liz Maginn, Taylor West
Fayette Lions Club Scholarship – Ceairia Keller, Dylan Stannard
GFTA Scholarship – Dylan Stannard, Liz Maginn, Ryan Gilmore
David Loffer Scholarship – Wade Burkholder
Nora Nash Smith Scholarship – Dylan Stannard
Glennis Ferguson Memorial Scholarship – Bailey Borton
Jim Mynhier Memorial Scholarship – Michael Brubaker
Mikayla Marie Scholarship – Ryan Gilmore
Mount Vernon Nazarene University – Ceairia Keller
University of Toledo Scholarships – Ryan Gilmore, Justice Reyes, Justin White, Koby Biddix
Wilmington College Scholarship – Adrianna Hibbard
Xavier University Scholarship – Liz Maginn

President’s Education Awards
12th Grade – Koby Biddix, Ryan Gilmore, Adrianna Hibbard, Ceairia Keller, Mark Maginn, Liz Maginn, Dylan Stannard, Miranda Minzey, Rachael Smith
8th Grade – Dakota Blosser, Roman Dominique, Kendra Ellis, Sara Fields, Austin Garza ,Trey Keefer, Ray Kope, Damon Lichtenwald, Matison Lucas, Porter Maginn, Clayton Pheils, Dakota Rashley, Braiden Requena, Colt Roesti, Bradyn Ruger, Rhys Ruger, Levi Seiler, Tessa Shaffer

Valedictorian – Liz Maginn
Salutatorian – Dylan Stannard

Outstanding Art Students
Art I – Asia Laguio, Hannah Machacek, Blythe Reguena
Art II – Kaitlin Brubaker, Bryce Conklin, Emilie Keiser
Art III – Kamrin Hunter
Yearbook – Koby Biddix, Wade Burkholder, Leah Bussing, Rebecca Cameron, Ryan Gilmore, Adriana Hylander, Skylar Lantz, Robben Stever, Jared Wagner, Taylor West, Justin White

Outstanding Business Students
Accounting I – Justin White
Accounting II – Ceairia Keller

8th Grade Computer
Ray Kope, Clayton Pheils

Outstanding Consumer Science Students
Child Development – Hannah Machacek, Blythe Requens
Financial Management – Mackalyn Figgins, Michaela Bates
Healthy Living and Foods – Gavin Liechty, Jason Stuckey, Ethein Malchow
Healthy and Safe Foods – Amy Philquist, Justice Reyes, McKenzee Schaffner
8th Grade Life Skills – Damon Lichtenwald, Ray Kope, Bradyn Ruger

Outstanding Language Arts Students
12th Grade English – Leah Bussing, Adrianna Hibbard
Advanced 12th Grade English – Liz Maginn, Dylan Stannard
11th Grade English – Adriana Hylander, Jessie Wheeler
Advanced 11th Grade English – Mackalyn Figgins, Justin Salkowski
10th Grade English – Ethein Malchow, Gavin Liechty, Haley Perdue, Jason Stuckey
9th Grade English – Max Baker, Grace Eberly
8th Grade Reading – Dylan Anderson, Dakota Blosser, Trey Keefer, Ray Kope, Braiden Requena, Levi Seiler
8th Grade English – Damon Lichtenwald, Bradyn Ruger
7th Grade Reading – Caden Colegrove, Jillian Figgins
7th Grade English – Zoee Keiser, Gabe Maginn

Outstanding Health & Physical Education Students
Physical Education
10th Grade – McKenzee Schaffner, Jason Stuckey
9th Grade – Grant Reinking, Bailee Smith
8th Grade – Colt Roesti, Damon Lichtenwald
7th Grade – Jillian Figgins, Addisyn Bentley

9th Grade – Jade Shoemaker
7th Grade – Zoee Keiser, Gabe Maginn

Outstanding Math Students
Algebra I – Bailee Smith, Grace Eberly
Algebra II – Michaela Bates
Foundations of Algebra – Caleb Sager
8th Grade – Damon Lichtenwald, Gabe Maginn
7th Grade – Jillian Figgins, McKenna Shade
Geometry – Gavin Liechtey, Ethein Malchow
Calculus – Liz Maginn, Dylan Stannard
Advanced Math – Mackalyn Figgins

Outstanding Music Students
Outstanding Choir Members
7th Grade – Ashton Dominique
8th Grade – Sara Fields
9th Grade – Max Baker
10th Grade – Zachary Ordway
11th Grade – Ellen Baker
12th Grade – Jordan Ramos

Outstanding Band Members
7th Grade – Jillian Figgins
8th Grade – Colt Roesti
9th Grade – Skyler Jones, Max Baker
10th Grade – Mason Maginn
11th Grade – Ellen Baker, Mackalyn Figgins
12th Grade – Liz Maginn

Outstanding Science Students
7th Grade – Caden Colegrove, Jillian Figgins, Zoee Keiser, Montgomery Maginn
8th Grade – Ray Kope, Damon Lichtenwald, Trey Keefer
9th Grade – Hunter Griffiths, Max Baker
Biology – Gavin Liechty, Ethein Malchow, Jennaya Hibbard, Kelsey Fruchey
Chemistry – Michaela Bates, Jessie Wheeler, Justin Salkowski
Anatomy/Physics – Dylan Stannard, Liz Maginn, Justice Reyes, Katelyn Bates, Kamrin Hunter, Miranda Minzey
Certificate of Excellence in Science – Mackalyn Figgins

Outstanding Social Studies Students
7th Grade – Zoee Keiser
8th Grade – Clayton Pheils, Damon Lichtenwald, Braiden Requena
World Studies – Hunter Griffiths, Grace Eberly
World Cultures – Mackalyn Figgins
American History – Bryce Conklin, Mason Maginn, Kaitlin Brubaker, Jennaya Hibbard, Gavin Liechty, Ethein Malchow
American Government – Liz Maginn, Dylan Stannard
Tech Students – Michael Brubaker, Jonah Perdue, Joel Smith, Tristen Bates, Gavin Liechty, Liz Maginn
Outstanding Foreign Language Student – Ethein Malchow
Virtual Academy Student – Veronica Zimmerman

Agricultural Science Students
Highest Percentage for the Class – Kelsey Fruchey, Adrianna Hibbard, Porter Maginn, Trey Keefer, Jacob Myers, Caleb Sager, Mason Maginn, Emilie Keiser, Addisyn Bentley, Zoee Keiser

Special Recognitions
High School Quiz Team – Max Baker, April Beaverson, Jaryd White, Justin White, Koby Biddix, Robben Steven
Student Council Senior Members – Dylan Stannard, Leah Bussing, Presley Pennington, Kamrin Hunter

National Honor Society
Two Year Members – Mark Maginn, Ellen Baker, Jorden Douglass, Mackalyn Figgins, Taylor Griffiths, Adriana Hylander, Emilie Keiser, Garett Reinking, Justin Salkowski, Jerad Seiler, Kaela Seiler, Joel Smith
Three Year Members – Kody Biddix, Ryan Gilmore, Ceairia Keller, Michaela Maginn, Dylan Stannard

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