Fayette Superintendent Says State’s Testing System Is Flawed

Scores were down for Fayette Schools according to the State Report Card, but officials are not upset as most other schools scored lower as well.

The report came at the Board of Education meeting Sept. 26.

The district scored comparably with other districts across the state. The state’s approach of giving students three different tests the last three years, has been laid at the root of the problem, Superintendent Erik Belcher said in his report.

“It is a flawed system with flawed data,” Belcher stated. “Schools do not know what to expect as the state views education through legislation.”

To counter the state’s dismal approach, superintendents across the state are organizing to develop a formal response.

“We need consistency and a voice in the state of Ohio,” Belcher said. “We are organizing to get our voice heard.”

In other news, Belcher updated the board on the progress of removing mud from the playground. The problem was the school had previously not tiled the playground and was holding water which ch turned mulch into muck.

The area was heavily tiled and Pea Stone was added to help with the water.

“We will leave the Pea Stone on for this year and let the ground dry out and settle,” Belcher said. “This summer we will put the water vapor barrier over the pea stone and mulch. This will allow us to do the job right.”

The district has added a third preschool class and moved Lacy Stambaugh into that role. The district has 42 children in preschool. Students are successfully transitioning to a new teacher through the two full-day teachers.

Archery has become the largest sport and coaches are reaching out parents. A schedule for the winter is being developed and the school will host a tournament this year.

The FY 2017 appropriations will be higher than 2016 as cost rose across the board (staffing, benefits, supplies, purchased services and capital outlays).

The FY 2017 total is $5,152,583 up from the close of 2016 ($4,658,751).

Enrollment is 427 students.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – Mickey Schwarzbek, President/CEO of Sherwood State Bank presented on the 12-year tax abatement portion of the bank paying the school in lieu of taxes.

The Fayette Local School District Board of Education met Monday, Sept. 26 and took the following actions.
The board accepted two donations:

$555 from Fayette PTO to purchase Kindergarten supplies for students in the classroom.

$2,498.01 from Fayette Athletic Boosters for a tent and supplies for cross country and track meets.

The board approved:
-Athletic presale ticket sales for volleyball and basketball (Varsity/JV home games) for students/senior citizens: $3; adults $5, at the gate students/senior citizens $4/adults $6.

-A memorandum of understanding between GFTA and Fayette Local School Board of Education to remove the position of EMIS coordinator from the bargaining unit.

-A memorandum of understanding between GFTA and Fayette Local School Board of Education to add a supplemental pay scale for positions of archery coach, archery assistant coach and student incentive coordinator.

-A contract with Fulton County Health Center Sports Medicine Outreach Program to provide Athletic Training consultation and/or treatment services for a rate of $20.50 per hour for 2016-2017.

-A one-time tax incentive donation for a12-year tax abatement from Sherwood State Bank in the amount of $20,686.80.

-The Senior Trip to Orlando, Florida on April 19-23, 2017, estimated cost with air fare $1,000 and anticipating 25 student participation.

– The Chromebook usage fee of $35 per student and $90 per family for grades 5-12 for FY 2017.

-The 2016-2017 tuition rate from the State of Ohio, Department of Education at $4,893.01.

-The FFA members to attend the National FFA Convention Oct. 19-21 at Indianapolis.

-The student activity proposed Archery budget for FY2017.

The board approved the following staffing changes:
-The substitute teachers list provided by NwoESC for FY 2017.

-A one-year contract for Amy Hibbard for a combined position of EMIS and paraprofessional for preschool classes for FY 2017.

-FMLA for Geoffrey Gilmore beginning Sept. 27 through Dec. 27.

-Larry Bunting as a substitute for high school math for a daily rate of $130, beginning Sept. 27.

-To increase the substitute paraprofessional rate of pay to the current State of Ohio minimum wage rate beginning FY 2017.

-An unpaid personal leave of absence for Bobbie Jo Repp beginning March 23-24, 2017.

-An unpaid personal leave of absence for Pamela Schultz beginning Dec. 8-21.

-The FY 2017 Wellness committee as Andrea Jacobs and Kami Downing.

-Mitch Schaffner and Rodney Kessler as volunteer coaches for Varsity/JV Boys Basketball for 2016-2017 pending proper background and reference checks.

-Amy Hibbard for 7th Grade girls basketball coach for 2016-2017.

-Jered Lemley for Archery Coach for 2016-2017.

-Leo Wixom for Assistant Archery Coach for 2016-2017.

-Aaron Hylander for Student/Incentive Coordinator for 2016-2017.

-Mariah Downing as a permanent substitute teacher for 2016-2017 on Masters +1 on salary schedule.

-A pay rate of $20 per hour for Spanish translation for students/parents.

-Approve the following mentors for 2016-2017:
Sheila Killam – District Mentor Coordinator $1,000
Sheila Killam – District Mentor $1,000
Suzette Boesger – District Mentor $1,000
Barb Bruggeman – District Mentor $500

-Approve the following substitute van drivers pending proper certification and reference checks:
Sarah Weiland, Nelson Barnhiser, Abby Short and Hilary Opdycke.

-Approve the following substitute bus driver pending proper certification and reference checks:
Ethan Carothers, Erin Kozina and Ken Jacob

-The financial reports for August 2016.
-Permanent appropriations for FY 2017

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