Fayette Village Council, Gorham Trustees Plan Resurfacing Of Industrial Parkway


IMG_0558.JPGBy: Timothy Kays

The deteriorating state of what is County Road S/Industrial Parkway was a focal point at the April 22 meeting of the Fayette Village Council.

Trevor Hibbard and Michael Figgins of the Gorham Township Trustees were on hand to address their findings and action plans with the Council. “The Township is going to redo County Road S,” Mr. Hibbard said, “…their side. It will be tarred, and chip and sealed. When we do that, there will be a lip on our side. We went back to the County today, and had them resubmit a bid for the cost to do both sides. I know that we talked about new blacktop; I know that there was a cost that came in that was pretty high…I think it was a million-something. If the Township’s part is half, I can tell you that won’t happen. Even if there were grants so that the Township only had to pay $100,000…that won’t happen. That’s just out of our league for a small section of a road like that.”

Continuing, Mr. Hibbard said, “We’re going to tar and chip our side, but we thought that while we’re doing it, we can do it on your side. It looks like nothing is going to happen right now, but if nothing is going to happen, something has to be done to the road right away.” Mr. Hibbard presented the full proposed resurfacing cost of $24,730.95 to the Council, with the plan of splitting costs evenly between the village and the township. Mr. Hibbard also offered the use by the village, the Durapatcher, a high pressure air patching machine, at a base rate of labor and machine use.

Mayor Ruth Marlatt and Village Administrator Steve Blue both reported on a meeting held earlier in the week with ODOT and Maumee Valley Planning. It is believed that after OPWC grant funding and other sources, the seven-figure costs mentioned by Mr. Hibbard would be reduced to around $300,000. Although this figure exceeds the proposed ceiling spoken of earlier by Mr. Hibbard, Mayor Marlatt noted that it is indeed a positive step forward in the major overhaul of County Road S / Industrial Parkway. In the meantime, she strongly backed the proposed tar and chip project put forward by the township. With the need for additional road leveling, along with the option of using the Durapatcher also coming into the picture, Council moved to set aside a total of $20,000 for the road project, as well as for incidental pothole repairs.
Another focal point of the evening was the ongoing Water Meter Project. Mr. David Wright of the Fulton County Regional Planning Commission was on hand to address Council with updates on the project. “I wanted to talk with you about the extension for the Program Year 2013 Allocation Program; that would be considered the Phase 2 Water Meter Project.” Mr. Wright continued, “We had gotten word that there was going to be an extension that was needed to finish the installation of those water meters.

Upon seeking approval from the State and from the County Commissioners, we have received all the paperwork and all the signatures needed, and that has been executed as of last week. We’re all good there. We’re dated for a project completion of July 31, 2015.”

“Moving ahead for 2014,” Mr. Wright continued, “…the Phase 3 water meters, I have been told by the State verbally that that deadline is August 31, 2016…but I had documentation sent up by the State that contradicts that, so I need to iron that out. Let’s just say that Phase 3 is December 31, 2016, until I can get something to clear that up.”

Looking to the 2015 Allocation Program, Mr. Wright announced an upcoming, State mandated Community Development Implementation Strategy meeting. This meeting is to gather ideas from townships and villages for possible targeting of Community Development Block Grant funding.

Council agreed to the payment of bills totaling $43,155.05. Amongst legislative actions approved by Council was a motion approving a payment of $1,792.00 to Aqualine for water leak detection services. council gave consent to Mr. Blue to sign the water meter agreement with Clemensen Investments, and to sign the 2015-16 Park Agreement with the Fayette Local School District.

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