Fayette Village Council Learns Of Storm Sewer Extension Issues

Fayette VC - TK 001 WEBBy: Timothy Kays

The Fayette Village Council convened in regular session on the evening of November 19.

Appearing before the Board were Michael and Wava Kramer referencing the storm sewer extension going in on North Gorham Street in relation to the TRW expansion project. Wava said that a tree that she didn’t know was going to be removed was in fact removed. After the new pipeline was laid, the construction company tamped down the excavated ground. “When they tamped the ground down,” Wava said, “…it shook my whole house. It shook the windows; I had a picture fall off the fireplace. It cracked a pipe from the bath tub and the toilet, and it leaked through our kitchen ceiling.” She presented pictures documenting the damage, along with a copy of a bill for the plumbing. Mayor Ruth Marlatt addressed Council, saying, “Someone needs to pay for this…and not them.” Councilor Scott Wagner suggested that Council refrain from paying until the Kramers complete the repairs, and then submit a final bill. a suggestion to which all parties agreed. Mayor Marlatt asked for a motion to bind Council to the agreement to reimburse the Kramers for the damages, to which Councilor Wagner obliged. It was asked about a replacement for the tree, whereupon Mayor Marlatt replied, “I will plant a tree.” Put to a vote, Council approved the reimbursement measure without dissent.

Village Administrator Steve Blue updated Council on the well house and lift station alarm upgrades. He also reported that the potential labor issues at TRW have been cleared with the signing of a new contract.

Amongst the items in the VFO report of Ms. Karin Sauerlender, included a request that Council approve the waiver of the post audit hearing. Council approved the measure without dissent. Council approved the payment of bills totaling $34,149.58.

Council heard and approved the third and final reading of Ordinance 2014-14, revising the parking regulations for the Downtown District, as well as the second reading of Ordinance 2014-20 pertaining to appropriations for 2015.

Council then debated Ordinance 2014-21, referencing the prohibition of animals within village limits. According to Exhibit A of the new ordinance, the only animals to be allowed are defined as ‘companion animals’, meaning those kept within a domicile. Animals not considered companion animals were listed in Subsection D as, but not limited to, horses, cattle, swine, sheep, geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens or other fowl. Determining that more clarifications are needed, decided to bypass the issue until a later meeting.

Under suspended rules of reading, Council adopted Resolution 2014-06 extending the Indigent Defense Contract for 2015, Resolution 2014-07 approving the 2015 Dog Warden contract, and Resolution 2014-08, approving the Solid Waste Management Plan.

Prior to resigning into executive session to discuss employee compensation, Council approved a $38,691.00 change order to Gleason for the TRW storm sewer, and final adjustments of quantities.

No action was taken as a result of the executive session.

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