Fayette Village Council To Help Resident Get Alley Vacated

Fixing an oversight from a half century or more ago was the top action of the Fayette Village Council Oct. 26.

The village told Jerry Bailey all he needed to do to vacate an alley along his property was to get the signatures from other property owners.

The alley in question exists only on paper on the county auditor’s map.

The Baileys own six to seven lots and another family has a lot on the “alley.”

The “alley” has been built on over the years. Bailey said his parents got permission to build a garage where the alley goes through decades ago.

“My guess is that some point in time they had the OK from the village to that and it didn’t get recorded somehow,” Mayor Dan Borer said.

“Somebody dropped the ball along the line and it didn’t get taken care of 40-50, 60 years ago.”

In other news:
The village has narrowed its search for a new utility billing clerk.

Internet issues have prevented the mobile 311 service from becoming operational.

The Police Department has received a grant for a printer for the E-Ticket program, Police Chief Jason Simon said. Implementation will wait on some computer software.

The department has lost an officer to a better paying department, Simon said. Replacing the person will be a challenge since many other smaller departments are having trouble finding people as well, he said.

The council approved raising the fee for water meters from $75 to $250.

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