Fayette Wins Defensive Duel With Holgate In Sectional

(March 4th, 2015) – BRYAN: In an incredibly low scoring affair, Buckeye Border Conference team Fayette went toe to toe with Holgate of the Green Meadows Conference to begin postseason play.

Fayette was able to edge out the Tigers 26-24 to advance to the Sectional finals.

The first quarter was easily the most productive one for each offensive unit. The Eagles were narrowly outscored by the Henry County boys in the period, 13-12. Then, in an astounding display of defensive prowess by both teams, not a single point was made in the second period. Because of this, the score simply remained 13-12 going into the half.

Little changed in the third stanza. With the Tigers adding another point to their advantage, thanks to a 5-4 effort in that span, Fayette found themselves down 2 points heading into the fourth frame. With points coming as scarcely as they were at that point, such a narrow lead can seem quite daunting. But it didn’t deter the Eagles of Fayette in the least. Reversing their fortunes down the stretch, the Fulton County boys claimed the lead with a 10-6 showing to close out the contest.

That was just enough to give them the 2 point victory.

Koby Biddix gave Fayette the boost they needed to win against the Tigers. The senior nailed down a pair of threes as he turned in a 10 point performance. But the interior play of the Eagles was no less vital to the victory effort. Tristan Bates and Jared Seiler, both juniors, each gave the Eagles 6 points in the win.

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