Fayette Working On New Web Page; Budget Details Released

Work is continuing toward a new web page design for the Village of Fayette and the village is looking at applying for grants to help with local projects.

This comes from Village Administrator Genna Biddix in her report to council for the Feb. 22 meeting.

The village is working with CivicePlus for the new website. The site will initially use stock photos since the winter offered few picturesque opportunities, she said. When spring and summer begin and more photo opportunities arise more local photos will populate the website
Beddix and Fiscal Officer Karin Sauerlender attended the Community Development Block Grant meeting at the Fulton County Commissioners meeting in February. Beddix has completed the required Project Needs Form to show projects that could be eligible for a grant from the state.

The state has switched to a two-year cycle for its CDBG program and that means communities will have two years to complete a project, but no in the county will be able to apply again until 2019.

The village has submitted information for all households to the Maumee Valley Planning Office with the goal of completing an updated income survey. Information about household income will help in securing grants for projects that are linked to low to moderate incomes.

Beddix and Police Chief Simon participated in a conference call about a grant funded by the Ohio EMA. The grant will help nonprofits become eligible for security improvements to prevent, prepare for or respond to a terrorist act. The grants can be up to $100,000.

Simon has completed a risk assessment on the village office building and could do the same for any other village-owned facility.

The budget has been completed by the Finance Committee. Among the items the village will purchase this year include $8,000 for a new mower; $3,200 for police equipment; trade-in the backhoe for $24,000; $30,000 for a new utility truck; $20,000 for hydrant and meter replacements; $5,000 for tree removal; $10,000 to chip and seal North Gorham Street.

The village plans to apply for $30,000 in CDBG funds to help pay for painting the water tower. The project will cost $38,500.

The budget created a $35,000 reserve fund to pay for a new police vehicle. The plan is to wait a year before buying, but the money is available this year.

The village is losing two officers, one to Swanton and the other to Owens Community College, Chief Simon said.

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