Fayette’s Industrial Parkway To See $300,000 Reconstruction

The Fayette Village Council suspended the rules for three readings and passed on emergency two resolutions regarding the Industrial Parkway expansion and reconstruction in their April 12th meeting.

The first of the resolutions advanced $300,000 from the village’s general fund to project fund, an amount that may not be used entirely, according to Village Fiscal Officer Karin Sauerlender. The second resolution authorized the village to enter an agreement with Gerken Paving, Inc of Napoleon, OH for the project, which Gerken is scheduled to begin on April 17, 2017.

“Many of our funding sources require us to actually pay for it and then get reimbursed through grant money. So we’ll be able to get all this back again, put we have to write the check,” Sauerlender said.

Village Administrator Genna Biddix told council that the relocation of a Toledo Edison utility pole an Ohio Gas line, and a village water line to a private property were among the items discussed in the project preconstruction meeting.

“The planned completion date is the first week in July. It’s gonna move pretty quick. Two months is what [Gerken] is anticipating,” Biddix said.

 In her report, Biddix told council that the village’s Community Development Block Grant application is in the hands of the Maumee Valley Planning Organization. The village applied for two projects this year, but included a letter stating that the village water tower recoating took priority over the park-wide fence replacement.

Biddix also told council that the village-wide garage sales will be May 25-27, 2017, with the village office helping to build this year’s community maps.

“We encourage community members to come in and get a free garage sale permit and let us know the days of their sale if they wish to be on the map. The deadline to get on the map will be the Wednesday before the garage sale starts at noon,” Biddix said.

June 17, 2017 will be the Spring Clean-up Day. Biddix said there was a fairly decent increase in participation when they held it after the garage sales last year.

In other new business, council suspended the rules for three readings and passed on emergency:

  • A resolution authorizing participation in a contract with ODOT for road salt.
  • An ordinance adopting the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) rules and regulations.
  • An ordinance defining certain dogs as annoyance, dangerous, or vicious dogs and detailing penalties for violations of the ordinance.
  • A motion to designate June 17, 2017 as the Spring Clean-Up Day.
  • A motion to allow Administrator Biddix to sign software maintenance renewal contract with ESRI at a cost of $395.
  • A motion to contract with Armstrong Excavating to install a sewer tap on East Spring Street at an estimated cost of $2,300.
  • A motion to increase the salary of Administrator Biddix by $2,000 effective April 10, 2017. The increase after a six month probationary period is a part of the village’s employment contract with Biddix.
  • A motion to pay the bills in the amount of $32,212. 65.

Council also approved the hiring of Madelyn Griffin as a part-time police officer at a rate of $13.00 per hour, effective April 12, 2017. Griffin was then sworn in by Mayor David Borer.

The next Fayette Village Council meeting will be held on April 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the village offices.

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