Financial Conditions Becoming Brighter At Stryker’s Quadco

VR LOGO - WEBWhile noting there was still a ways to go, Quadco Executive Director Bruce Abell reported that he had seen some better financial news in recent days.

Speaking at the regular monthly meeting of the Quadco Administrative and Non-Profit Boards, Mr. Abell pointed to improving financial statements.

The statements still show a loss, he said, but the loss was less than in previous months he noted.

“We’re seeing improvements,” Mr. Abell said, “thanks to the hard work of everyone. We’ve all been diligent, made sacrifices, and have worked to make this happen.”

Bill Priest, Director of Marketing, reported that the Four County ADAMhs Board recently decided to provide some additional funding to serve people at Quadco.

Mr. Priest said in addition to the annual $90,000 Title XX contract that the ADAMhs Board awarded to Quadco at their meeting earlier this month, their board approved a $79,000 contract to provide more employment services to the people served by the ADAMhs Board through Quadco.

“It’s been about three years since the ADAMhs Board has been able to provide any additional funding, but they’ve been able to save some money on some of their projects and they are sharing it with us so we can provide employment services for some of the people they serve,” Mr. Priest told the board members.

Mr. Abell said he has noticed an increase in the volume of cardboard pallets produced at the center. He said he expects more companies will become interested in using cardboard pallets and that the increase in the production of cardboard pallets will continue. With higher costs for wood and the greater ease of recycling, he said the cardboard pallet is becoming the pallet of the future.

In action items during the meeting, the board members approved the 2015 calendar. They also reviewed the sick leave policy and decided not to make any changes to it.

The board members received the preliminary budget figures for 2015. The board members will have a month to review the figures. Next month they will receive the final version at which time it is expected they will act on it.

Program Manager Shannon Zellers reported on a dog agility program given to some participants of Quadco’s Defiance Center and Stryker facility at the dog park in Defiance. She said the program was led by Karen Kent, who is also a Training Specialist at the Defiance Center, along with a number of her friends and students and their dogs.

Ms. Zellers said participants at the Defiance Center also held a garage sale during the month along with other people in the neighborhood who surround the center.

Members of the Senior Activities Center visited the Williams County Fair. During their time there they saw some of the prize ribbons on artwork done by Training Specialist Bobbi Schlosser, who works with them in Quadco’s Art Club.

Ms. Zellers showed some examples of art work made during the month, including a wooden door hanging and a bear claw. In honor of the fair, they made a special rodeo plaque with the initial of the person who made it placed on it.

More Men’s and Women’s Club members took a trip to the dairy herd operation that some other members had visited the month before. Some members of the clubs also took time to visit the fair, Ms. Zellers said.

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