Fire Protection Services Top Discussion Item For Delta Council

By: James Pruitt

Delta officials are working out a new fire protection contract with York Township.

The issue came up at the July 11 and July 18 Village Council meetings. Among the concerns are any changes to the ISO rating which could impact homeowner insurance rates.

Village officials met with their counterparts from York Township July 14, Council member Rick Maurer said. The fire contract was discussed along with looking at a revised formula for the contract.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles reported to council the actual fire related runs from January to June in the Delta District.

-January – One fire call in 25 incidents
-February – Two fire calls in 15 incidents
-March – Six fire calls in 29 incidents
-April – Six fire calls in 27 incidents
-May – Three fire calls in 40 incidents
-June – Five fire calls in 34 incidents

Mayor Dan Miller said the concern that was brought up at the June 11 council meeting about the ISO ratings for the village residents will not be affected or will be changed.

At that meeting, Eric Barnes of Nationwide Insurance, shared his concern and said he has discussed with the other local insurance agencies regarding the future fire protection for Delta. Barnes’ concern was the cost to the residents for a new fire department and the fire ratings changing and making homeowners insurance increase.

Peebles said the current contract with York Township runs through 2017, so the village is beginning 18 months in advance to come to a consensus or to put something together for fire protection for Delta.

Peebles said he wants the community to understand they will not be without fire protection. Peebles asked Barnes to take a property in the village limits and show the difference in cost for property insurance from a class 5 to a class 10 fire protection.

Lynn Frank asked Peebles to comment on what Jeff Mazurowski stated about having an agreement with Derek Allen when he was the administrator of Delta.

Mazurowski referred to having an agreement with Allen on York Township keeping the funds that were left after the budget year so they could save for equipment.

Peebles said he has called Allen to verify this agreement. Allen said that conversation or agreement never took place. Frank said that she was on council at the time and she doesn’t recall that conversation happening either. Art Thomas stated that it’s really irrelevant to whether “he said or she said” in a conversation. It should be according to the contract.

In other news:
Council approved a resolution renewing an existing tax levy for the police department.

A motion was made by Frank, seconded by Todd to renew an existing tax levy for the police department pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 5705.19 (H) and 5705.25 and requesting the auditor to certify the amount of revenue to be generated by the proposed levy renewal on its third reading.

Council approved a resolution to submit application to the OPWC for a grant to fund Fernwood Street.

Council approved a resolution to incur debt for the purpose of constructing the mandated Combined Sewer Overflow project and declaring an emergency. All votes yea, motion carried.

In conjunction, a separate motion was made Ordinance 16-15 a bond ordinance for financing of the CSO system with the USDA to be replaced by Ordinance 16-22 and declaring an emergency.

The Delta Chamber of Commerce is having a “Dancin in the Streets/Rib Off” fund raiser Aug. 6. Council approved the closing of Monroe Street. The event will begin at 3 p.m.

Police Chief Hartsock said the new patrol vehicle was in but they are still putting the lights and stickers on the car.

Dawson reported that he went to the Reservoir along with Peebles to look at the property that they received a complaint about. He said a portion of that property is very rough and would probably do damage to the mowers, and the other portion of the property that is in the back and at the bottom, no one can see it. He thought it was a waste of time and money to mow.

Peebles also commented on the meeting that the Property Committee had concerning the Southwood Falls lot. He reports the consensus of the meeting was to go forward with legislation on splitting the parcel into three lots and have the firm construct energy efficient homes that has been talked about.

Peebles discussed the cemetery drive and whether it should be sealed. Council decided against sealing the drive, but rather to put money into another street.

Petitioned the Fulton County Commissioners July 11 to redefine the township boundaries. This would involve redefining the boundaries of York and Swancreek townships to exclude the incorporated area of Delta.

Entered into an agreement July 11 with Stantec Consulting for Wilson Street Bridge.

Peebles said ODOT is requesting this project for a cost estimate for a temporary access to the south side of the road which will cost approximately $11,900.

A motion was made by Maurer, seconded by Dawson to authorize the Village Administrator to enter into agreement with Stantec Consulting Services for additional engineering services required for the replacement of the Wilson Street Bridge and declaring an emergency.

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