First Annual Kellen Keiser Memorial Run

The First annual Kellen Keiser Memorial Run took place this past Saturday, November 10, at the Fayette High School. The event is held in honor of the Late Kellen Keiser of Fayette who passed away at the age of 15 after a 16 month battle with leukemia.

The proceeds from the event go to benefit Team Kbob Relay for Life and Fayette Friends for the Field. Friends for the Field is focused on raising funds for new a new ball field, track, and other structures for the new school and Relay for Life goes toward cancer research.

There was quite a turnout for this event. There were over 300 registered runners and countless people helping with coordination and other things during the event. These runners were registered for anything from the children’s fun run (a 400 meter run for the kids), to the Half Marathon run or walk, the four-person team half marathon, or the 5k run or walk event.

A lot of money was raised amongst these 300 runners. Registration for the 5k was $15, for the half marathon, $30, and each four-person team was $80. All pre-registered runners received a tee-shirt and those that registered the day of the event did as well, provided there was still a supply.

Everyone who took part in this great event deserves a congratulation, but this was still a race and there were still winners in each category. For the 5k run, Quintin Reiser of Wauseon came in first with a time of 17:24.5, Jared Wagoner was second with a time of 21:18.7, and Trevor Cox came in third at 22:39.4. For the girls, first place went to Dani Wyse of Toledo with a time of 23:41.7. Second place was grabbed by Emilie Keiser with a time of 24:33.5, and Noelle Goodson took third place right on Emilie Keiser’s heels with 24:33.9.

For the 5k walk, first place went to Jacob Meyers of Fayette with a time of 39:23.5. In second place was Nora Sallows of Wauseon at 42:49.9, and Scott Sallows was close behind in third with a time of 43:34.6. Fourth place was Victoria Funkhouser of West Unity with a time of 44:21.9, and fifth place went to Cheryl Dus Sault of Waldron with 44:26.5.

In the Four-Person Team Half Marathon, Pinkshirts and Ponytails out of McClure took home first place with a time of 1:35:52.6. The Meat Sweats from Archbold came in second, clocking in at 1:38:23.0. The hometown team, Kellen’s Crew, took third with a time of 1:42:42.5. Four Fab Females from Morenci took fourth place with 1:49:06.5, and Faster Than You, also out of Morenci, took fifth with a time of 1:56:36.6.

For the Half Marathon Run, Joel Kozlesky of Findlay took first with a time of 1:20:25.9. Nathan Stoltzfus of Archbold took second place with 1:23:34.1, and Skylar Lantz of Fayette brought home the bronze with a time of 1:29:34.3. For the Women in the Half Marathon, Erica Goeltzenleuchter of Fayette came in first with 1:44:52.4. Tori Johnson of Stryker came in second with a time of 1:48:59.8, and Melani Seiler of Fayette came in third, clocking in at 1:50:32.6.

Finally, for the four participants registered for the Half Marathon Walk, coming in first place was Brenda Johnson of Stryker with a time of 2:45:09.4. Penny Buehrer of Wauseon grabbed second place with a time of 3:33:24.3. Jill Gundy of Swanton came in third with a time of 3:33:26.2, and Betsy Joseph of Marshall came in fourth with 3:33:28.2.

This truly was a great event and it was awesome to see so much support for this memorial and the causes it endorses. This was the First annual which means there will be a second, third, and probably a fourth. So, if you missed it this year, come on out and join everyone next year. It’s fun to watch and if you don’t feel like running just go for a walk. It’s for a good cause and it’s great to have things like this happening in our community.

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