Flamingoes Flocking To Pioneer

20160825_145316-WEBBy: Allyson Hutchison

The new school year is rolling around which means it’s fundraising time at North Central. This is especially true for the junior class since they are the ones that pay for prom. The class of 2018 was searching for a creative and inexpensive way to raise money. Class advisor, Mandy Turner, sought the imaginative minds of Pintrest. Her searches brought her to two main ideas, toilets and flamingoes.

“I thought a toilet would be too heavy,” Turner explained. So they went with the latter idea, putting plastic flamingoes in peoples’ yards. Once the flamingoes were acquired, deciding where to start was the next obstacle. The class of 2018 agreed upon the middle of Pioneer, at the home of Diane Hale. “I wanted to start on State Street,” Turner stated.

Late at night, members of the junior class sneak into the victims’ yards and plant the flock. Upon rising the next morning and seeing the flamingoes in their yard, the home owners are shocked, though no one has been upset by the arrival of the plastic ornaments. The targets then, upon paying their $10 removal fee, get the privilege choosing who the next person is that will receive the flamingoes. Many unassuming members of the Pioneer community, as well as those living outside of it, have had the flock populate their lawn.

The herd may migrate near late October or early November then come back in the spring, as many tropical birds do. If you wake up to a flock of pink birds in your yard, do not be alarmed. You’ve just been “flocked” and haven contributed to North Central’s exciting junior class fundraiser.

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