Florence Township Firefighters Receive Grant To Get Replacement Breathing Gear

Florence Township’s Fire Department has some new gear thanks to some grants from the federal government.

The department has received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Association to acquire several new self-contained breathing apparatus units. The department has been training with the new gear and should be ready for use during fire runs as of press time, Chief Jay Klingler said.

Klingler applied for the FEMA grant last year following the devastating fire that destroyed the fleet and gear. He received notice a few weeks ago, the department got the grant.

FEMA awarded the department $150,000, so with a $7,000 federal match and some local money, the new gear was obtained.

“When we had the fire our SCBA was compromised,” Klingler said. “We used loaner and donated gear.”

The department is also working on informing the public on its goal of getting a levy approved in May to build a new fire station on the south end of Edon. If approved, ground breaking would follow in June, Klingler said.

“It should last for the next 100 years,” Klingler said.

Two additional public meetings are planned as well as a door-to-door effort, he said.

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