Footloose: The Musical Opens This Friday At Edon High School

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Small town Texas ~ complete with cowboy hats, boots, line dancing (even a feed mill!) ~ makes its way to Edon High School this weekend for the school’s eagerly awaited production of Footloose: The Musical! Ren, Ariel, Rusty, Willard and friends take center stage at 7:00 p.m. Friday, November 15 and Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in the Edon Schools Auditeria.

Based on one of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory, Footloose: The Musical broke open onto live stage with equally amazing results. Premiering fifteen years ago at Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre, the production thrilled audiences for nearly two years before closing in July 2000. With chart-topping songs once committed to memory “Almost Paradise”, “Holding Out For A Hero”, “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” and the toe-tapping title song “Footloose” ~ along with dynamic, new songs written specifically for the stage musical ~ this rockin’ rhythm, Tony-nominated score will keep you captivated all evening long.
Set in rural Beaumont, the story follows Ren McCormack and his family’s move from big-city Chicago to the conservative farming community where he faces a real case of culture shock. Although trying his best to fit in, the streetwise teenager can’t quite comprehend that he now lives in a place where his much-loved rock music and dancing are against the law!

Wanting to do away with the town ordinance ~ instituted by local minister Shaw Moore to exercise control over the town’s youth, including his own rebellious daughter, Ariel ~ Ren is the only one courageous enough to make their case before town council. With high hopes of having the outdated ban abolished in time for senior prom, a “fixed vote” easily defeats the motion and leaves Ren and his friends devastated.

However, what emerges next is a tender, heartfelt revelation of a father longing for the son he lost and a young man aching for the father who walked out on him. Realizing grief and pain have overshadowed his life, and the lives of the community, Reverend Moore later on announces to his parishioners that after much soul searching, he has had a change of heart – in fact, a dance just might be a good idea after all!

Excited with the news, young people of all ages in Beaumont are now able to dance freely for the first time in years. As everyone joins in, the long awaited evening becomes not only a celebration but a blissful expression of healing as well. In daring to dance, Ren, Ariel and friends revitalized the spirit of their reserved community, giving its townspeople plenty of reasons to “Cut Footloose!”

Bringing the vigorous and delightful production to life for their audience are Mike Peeples (Ren McCormack); Kaitlyn Sonneberger (Ariel Moore); Alex Baker (Rev. Shaw Moore), Cassidy Wilson (Vi Moore), Corisa Brown (Ethel McCormack), Jordan Matthews (Rusty), Wyatt Zulch (Willard Hewitt), River Wicker (Jeter), Kaden Sapp (Bickle), Evan Fisk (Garvin), Shannon Wieland (Wendy Jo), Crista Wortkoetter (Urleen), Colten Lyman (Chuck), Kenny Ordway (Lyle), Heath Brown (Travis), Baylee Gearhart (Lulu), Kaylie Brown (Elanor), Alexis Mitchell (Principal Clark), Crista Wortkoetter (Cowgirl Crista), Haley Jacoby (Betty Blast), Roxana Klempner (Coach Dunbar), Zane Eicher (Wes), Andrew LaDuke (Cop); Brittany Combs, Hailey Engel, Chelsea Mocherman, Karli Munger, Mikaela Myers, Luke Price, JJ Braun, Alyson Bergdall, Josh Braun, Katie Church, Alyssa Maier, Braden Miller, Sarah Lemmon, Karissa Sonneberger (Student Body at Beaumont High School) and Baylee Gearhart, Haley Jacoby, Kaitlyn Manahan, Emily Kaylor, Alexia Ewers, Kaela Gearhart, Hannah Kaylor, Shaylee Manahan, Paige Schaffter and Samantha Trausch (Principle Dancers).
Co-Directing the production are Mrs. Cathy Frastaci and Ms. Crystal Bowers; senior Corisa Brown is assisting them as student director.

This high-energy, dance-filled rendition of Footloose: The Musical is truly an enjoyable event you won’t want to miss. Ticket prices for each performance are $8.00 for Adults and $6.00 for Students and Senior Citizens; freewill donations will be accepted during the special dress rehearsal slated for 7:00 p.m., Thursday, November 14. For more information, contact Edon Northwest Local Schools at 419-272-3213, Extension 1000.

Be sure to “Kick off your Sunday shoes” and let the cast of Footloose “pull you off of your knees!”

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