For Pioneer’s Cory Rademacher, Scouting Has Become A Passion

Cory Rademaker #1 WEBBy: John Winright

Northwest Ohio and Williams County offer a tremendous wealth of stories about people’s lives in various forms. Another great example is Cory Rademacher of Pioneer, Ohio.

Cory was born in 1974 to Mary (Mercer} Rademaker and raised in both Kunkle and Montpelier, Ohio.

He was raised in a single parent environment but is quick to point out that he was raised by two very loving women. His mother Mary, and his Grandmother Anna Rademacher.

He and his mother lived in Montpelier but on weekends he would stay in Kunkle with Grandma. Grandma was the postmaster in Kunkle for many years. Being the only real official position in the small village, everyone kind of just considered her as being the top diplomat in the community and would seek her opinion on many matters of interest. Everyone loved Anna and all the kids in town called her Grandma. The kids would also call Cory’s mom Mary, mother. This is what small town America is all about.

This of course was a great environment for young Cory and he has many fond memories from those days.

Cory graduated from Montpelier High School in 1992 and worked locally at various jobs. In 1994 he moved back to Kunkle with his grandmother and as often happens in life the overseer in the household changed over the years where Cory became the head of the household helping grandma out in daily matters in her later years.

In the year 2000 with the help of some folks close to Cory he met Kylie Sentle and in 2001 Kylie became Mrs. Cory Rademacher.

Kylie works at Pioneer Custom Coating, LLC at 225 Industrial Avenue here in Pioneer.

The Rademachers were blessed with the birth of two sons, Cooper in 2003 and Sawyer in 2006. Being raised in a single parent home without the day to day influence of a father figure has had a tremendous impact on Cory’s determination to be the best dad that he can possibly be to his sons and to enjoy every second of each day being a husband and father in his household.

In 2009 during the recession that was experienced here in the United States, Cory was involved in a lay off at work. He sought other employment all over the region, but to no avail. He had received his Real Estate license in 2007 and although that helped out it did not fully supplement his income from his previous employment.

As Cory said “As the man of the house, being able to support your family weighs very heavily on one’s mind. Even though we had Kylie’s income it was still hard for me.” During the course of the next several months he found himself falling victim to a state of mild depression. He would sit for hours in front of the television passing time not really knowing which way to turn.

In 2011 an opportunity came up to become involved in scouting with the local Cub Scout organization. This has become a very prominent life changing influence on Cory and also a conduit to bring him out of his depressive state of mind.

The excitement that is seen in his demeanor when the subject of being a Cub Master enters the conversation is phenomenal.

When talking about taking this position and working on ways to increase funding through fundraisers a person can see an example of his passion for this part of his life.

One of the things he needed to do was find a way to reward these young men for their efforts in sales in fundraising projects. Cory says “At this age they really aren’t interested in a material type reward. What they like to do is to win the opportunity to throw a cream pie into their leaders face, or see him have to shave his head.” On other occasions Cory has had to wear a colored Mohawk haircut or die his hair in multiple colors. When doing this he had to stay in that state of appearance for at least two weeks. Thus everywhere he went people would either look at him strangely or make some sort of comment. Now that is dedication and you can see that Cory loves every second of it.

He also initially realized that the leader can’t do it all on his own and needs the assistance of certain dedicated parents and others to carry on this work. It has now derived into a format of four other dedicated leaders who are assisting in this scouting program.

Cory loves seeing the young folks in the Cub Scouts being influenced in a positive way. They do many field trips of interest to the kids traveling throughout the area to places like the Zoo , etc. and many other interesting things to help these children to grow and develop into fine future citizens.

A perfect example of his dedication is the fact that he won the “Cub Master of the Year” award in 2010.

Cory says that scouting has improved his personal growth as well as the kids.

In other areas of his life Cory loves woodworking and spends many weekends in his shop behind the house at 211 Baubice.

He is a big movie buff and his favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting” and the most memorable trip he ever took was at the age of 10 traveling to Australia.

Cory is presently attending Northwest State Community College in Archbold, Ohio and expects to receive his degree in Business Management in about a year.

On what advice he would give to someone based on his life’s experience up to this point in time, Cory says “Aim For Perfection, But Be Willing to Accept Improvement”

What a great example of another fine individual committing their lives to their family and community.

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