Four Counter Career Center and Northwest State Community College Participate In Mock Car Accident

participants … Shown during the simulation are (LEFT) EMT student Derrick Welton; (RIGHT) nursing student Angie Stuckey (Archbold); (CENTER) Promedica EMT instructor Mike Fox; and (FRONT) accident victim Daniel McNamara (Fayette).

Four County Career Center and Northwest State Community College held a simulated car accident to help train nurses, paramedics and law enforcement students.

Law Enforcement & Security Tactics students responded to an “accident” in the Four County Career Center parking lot. Paramedic students pulled four “victims” (student actors) from the wrecked cars and loaded them into a Promedica Air helicopter and ambulances. The victims were transported to the nursing lab at Northwest State Community College. Once in the lab, two of the victims served as standardized patients, or actors that remained in character and acted out injuries requiring care, including premature labor, a fractured leg and other ailments. As an added element, nurses had to balance their time between caring for the accident victims and four other standardized patients already in the lab.

The entire “accident simulation” was videotaped, and after it was completed, faculty will reviewed it with the students. This simulation was designed to provide students with realistic training, which will help prepare them for careers in various health care and public service fields.

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