Four County Board Of Education Gathers For June 2015 Meeting

VR LOGO - WEBThe June Meeting of the Four County Career Center Board of Education was held on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room at Four County Career Center. The following business was conducted.

As part of the Treasurer’s Report, the Board approved:

•May Meeting Minutes, as well as financial statements and investments for the month of May as presented.

•Appropriation modifications as presented.

•Authorized application for the following grants: Secondary Perkins, Adult Perkins, Title II-­A, High Schools That Work, Fifth Quarter, ABLE

•Temporary appropriations as presented.

•To approve the resolution to enter into an agreement with the PNC Bank to secure Procurement Cards under the EasyProcure program.

•The updated cost sheets for 2015-­16.

•The 2015-­16 insurance premium for “Property, Casualty, and Fleet Insurance” to Wright Specialty/Catlin Insurance Company through Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

As part of the Superintendent’s Report, the board accepted and/or approved the following items:

•To issue Brandon Readshaw a three-­year contract as Career Tech Supervisor.

•To issue a supplemental contract to Denton Blue for “bus repairs” for the 2014-­15 and 2015-­16 school year as needed.

•To employ Larry Soles as Powersports Instructor.

•The attendance at Summer Workshop for Route B Instructors for the Matthew Dye, Timothy Ricketts, and Larry Soles.

•August 12, 2015 as New Teacher Day and pay the new instructors for attending that day.

•FMLA for Angela Zetter through the anticipated dates of August 13, 2015 through November 2, 2015.

•To move Donna Badenhop to the Master’s Column of the Salary Schedule for the 2015-­16 school year.

•To employ Jenalee Niese as needed in July 2015 for EMIS reporting.

•To employ Adult Education Staff and Instructors as presented.

•The Student Handbook for 2015-­16.

•The Pre-­School Handbook and Calendar for 2015-­16.

•The Carpentry House Project for 2015-­16.

•The Technical Service Agreement with NWOCA.

•The service agreement with Carol Budzenski to provide Learning Capacities Vocational Evaluation Services for 2015-­16.
Under Board Committee and Director Reports, the Board received updates from:

• The Legislative Liaison.

• The Directors of Career Tech Ed, Adult Ed and Operations.

Upcoming meetings involving members of the Four County Career Center Board of Education, include the regular June Board Meeting on July 16, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room at Four County Career Center.


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