Four County Career Center & NSCC Partner For Triage Simulation

SIMULATION … Four County Career Center and Northwest State Community College recently partnered to offer a triage simulation for registered nursing and Paramedic students. This was the fourth triage simulation that took place at NSCC in the engineering lab. Students responded to the simulated explosion, complete with smoke and sound effects, where they assessed the condition of fourteen victims. Career Center Fire & Rescue senior students and mannequins were victims, and there was a range of injuries including some who were deceased. After the simulation, everyone gathered to debrief. Instructors provided feedback on the students’ performance, bringing the learning experience full circle. The simulation was designed to provide students with realistic training, which will help prepare them for careers in various health care and public service fields. Shown during the simulation are (LEFT TO RIGHT) nursing students Nancy Hannhorst (Van Wert), Samantha Hays (Van Wert) and Christy Duchene (Montpelier); Paramedics Steve Sutherland (Toledo) and Daniel Timpe (Delta); with victim Jasmine Haynes (Hilltop). Public Safety Coordinator, Dan Frederick, along with the NSCC Nursing staff coordinated the event.

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