Four County FCCLA Officers

Executive Officers of the over 100 member Four County Career Center Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Chapter include (LEFT TO RIGHT) Amber Baumgardner (Fairview) Interior Design; Jessica Vasquez (Fairview) Interior Design; Alyssa Lashaway (North Central) Early Childhood Education; and Megan Garza (Fayette) Early Childhood Education. Among the chapter projects this year are fund raising and assisting with local community projects, participation in regional, state, and national FCCLA leadership and skill competitions, and sponsorship of student assemblies. Membership in the organization is limited to family and consumer science students. FCCLA Advisors include Kelli Alspaugh, GRADS Coordinator; Susan Myers, Early Childhood Education instructor; Lisa Hall, Interior Design instructor, Pete Herold, Chef Training instructor; and Doug Tyas, Hospitality Services instructor.

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