Fulton County 4-H Advisors Recently Honored For Dedicated Service At Special Banquet


Each year the Fulton County 4-H Program recognizes the volunteers/advisors of the program for their contributions and years of service to 4-H. Special recognition is awarded for those individuals who exemplify the qualities and support of the program or have gone above and beyond. We’d like to share with you those honored this year.

2016 Friends of 4-H: Mike & Jake Aeschliman, Dawn Stockburger, and Sue Whitaker.

Since 1980, Mike Aeschliman, President of S-W Alfalfa Mills in Archbold, Ohio has been partnering with members of the 4-H community at large in a number of ways. As a service to 4-H, the mill donates sawdust for livestock bedding to Fulton County 4-H members with livestock projects along with the surrounding counties of Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Hillsdale in Michigan. Approximately 150 tons (or 300,000 pounds) of bedding is provided annually for the previously mentioned counties. Mike is also a dedicated buyer at the Livestock Sale. As a buyer, his primary goal is making sure that every member going through the donation sale is able to get at least a reasonable minimum bid for their project. This is especially true for those who may be approaching the end of the sale and Mike is very concerned that no member finds themselves without some level of support. A story was also related to me that recently a member through no fault of their own was unable to exhibit their animal at the fair and Mike made a special direct donation to that member to help make up for that situation that he felt presented a deficiency.

In his own 4-H career, Mike was involved in cattle projects in the 1960’s. His son Jake is also a part of the mill operation and raised and exhibited cattle and pigs at the fair. Jake’s children are also 4-H members with cattle projects. Mike is proud of his family’s on-going 4-H participation.

The mill staff wanted you to know about Mike that we may not otherwise hear about and they reiterated his concern for sale support and that “Mike has a BIG heart”. A big thank you goes to S-W Mills, and Mike and Jake Aeschliman for their support and deserving recognition as Friends of 4-H in Fulton County.

Dawn Stockburger is a seventeen year 4-H advisor for the Franklin Blue Ribbons 4-H Club. She began as a volunteer as her children moved through the 4-H program. She has worked cooperatively with the Franklin Blue Ribbons club in many areas such a project supervision and guidance, fair booth creation/set up/take down, helping youth with animal projects at the fair, and many hour spent helping within the club. Dawn has consistently offered encouragement and help to members. She is an excellent role model.

Sue Whitaker has been the secretary for the Fulton County Fair for the past five years. In her role, she has helped the 4-H program by being a behind the scenes advocate. She assists with scheduling and planning 4-H events. She has given invaluable recommendations and is flexible. Sue is organized with details, with judges, communication, arenas, buildings and equipment.

Even though some of these things could be considered part of her job, her cheerful and no-nonsense attitude has helped to achieve and complete some 4-H programs in an efficient manner.

Advisors recognized for their years of service
5 Years of Service: Joyce Beatty, Holly French, Michelle Hoffman, Kristine McClain, Tim Mohr, Theodore Puehler, Chuck Ruetz, Terence Smith, James Speer, Sarah Speer
10 Years of Service: Kimberly Baker, Janet Creque, Wendy Franklin, Jack Kruse, Peggy Kruse, Lisa Rupp, Michelle Savage, Annette Snyder
15 Years of Service: Vickie Barber, Alice Gamber, John Gamber, Ruth Kauffman, Chris Kirkum, Brent Miller, Jolene Myers, Courtney Reckner, Carl Short, Jodi Short
20 Years of Service: Kelly Bentley, James Gorrell, Julia Gorrell, Michelle Herr, Nancy Lawrence
25 Years of Service: Luann Strauss
35 Years of Service: Polly Gombash
40 Years of Service: Joyce Nofziger
42 Years of Service: Paula Jean Savage
43 Years of Service: Joe Miller
45 Years of Service: Bonnie Cicora
50 Years of Service: Jim Savage

4-H Gainers & Leaders– Jenny Herr
Clinton Doodle Bugs– Joe Miller
Country Achievers– Kim Krieger
Countryside Clovers—Jackie Ballmer
Delta Country Gals & Guys– Michelle Savage
Fulton 4-H Connection—Pat Schroeder
Goats and “Udder” Things—Linda Bollinger
Happy Hustlers/Fulton Variety– Dawn Hill
Horse Hogs—Ray & Shelly Jackson
Lyons Lucky Leaders– Janet Creque & Lisa Smithmyer
Nifty 4-Her’s– Joan Rubel
Pettisville Ever-Ready– Peggy Kruse
Pike Kountry Kids—Cindy Harris
Pike X-L—Jim Savage
Roamin Country Raisers, Etc.—Ann Kirkum & Shelly Morrin
Young Frontiers – Vickie Barber

4-H Gainers and Leaders—Jenny Herr
Country Achievers—Kim Krieger
Fulton 4-H Connection—Pat Schroeder
Goats and “Udder” Things—Linda Bollinger
Nifty 4-Her’s– Joan Rubel
Young Frontiers -Vickie Barber


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