Fulton County 4-H Announces Pre-Fair Judging Results

016 Fulton County 4-H Scholarship recipients and sponsors: (Rear standing left to right): Casen Burkholder (son of Randy & Carol of Fayette), Rylee Ruger (daughter of Steve & Julia of Fayette), Alexis Fruchey (daughter of Corey & Melanie of Fayette) and Ashtyn Mathews (daughter of Amanda Wohlgamuth of Metmora) (Front row seated left to right): TJ Baker (son of Tom & Kim of Swanton) , Don McQuillin of Wauseon (representative for the Tonia McQuillin Scholarship), Arlene Stoup of Swanton (representative for the Cook Memorial and Recognition Award), Jolyssa Tedrow (daughter of Alex & Tina of Wauseon).

016 Fulton County 4-H Scholarship recipients and sponsors: (Rear standing left to right): Casen Burkholder (son of Randy & Carol of Fayette), Rylee Ruger (daughter of Steve & Julia of Fayette), Alexis Fruchey (daughter of Corey & Melanie of Fayette) and Ashtyn Mathews (daughter of Amanda Wohlgamuth of Metmora) (Front row seated left to right): TJ Baker (son of Tom & Kim of Swanton) , Don McQuillin of Wauseon (representative for the Tonia McQuillin Scholarship), Arlene Stoup of Swanton (representative for the Cook Memorial and Recognition Award), Jolyssa Tedrow (daughter of Alex & Tina of Wauseon).

The Fulton County 4-H Program is proud to announce the following pre-fair judging results. Congratulations on a job well done! HM = Honorable Mention, CW = County Winner, SFR = State Fair Representative.

Accessories for Teens – Mallorie Strauss, SFR, CW
All Systems Go! : Vet 2 – Kahlan Schuster, SFR, CW
Arcs & Sparks – Laurel Garbers, SFR, CW; Amy Jo Hitt, HM; Trey Schroeder, HM
ATV Safety- Holden Barnes, CW; Ashton Sayers, HM
Basic Archery – Jack Borton, SFR, CW; Walter Hallett, IV, HM; Jack Krispin, HM
Beekeeping Project – Brayden Monahan, SFR, CW
Becoming Money Wise – Eli Warncke, SFR, CW; Jacob P. Myers, HM
Bicycling for Fun, Jr. – Oliver Seibert, SFR, CW
Cake Decorating, Jr. – Olivia Bonaminio, SFR, CW; Gracie Wolf, CW; Kacie Wolf, CW; Addyson Gamber, CW; Haylee Smith, HM
Cake Decorating, Sr. – Allianna Hite, SFR, CW
Canning and Freezing – Alayna Jones, SFR, CW
Cavy Project –Breanna Huffman, SFR, CW
Clothing for Your Career – Kallie Strauss, HM
Crank It Up – Mason Luttrell, CW
Discovering 4-H – Olivia Seibert, CW
Diversity: The Source of our Strength – Connor Hagans, SFR, CW
Dress-up Outfit – Daywear – Rachel Short, SFR, CW
Electric Radio-Controlled Vehicles – Laurel Garbers, CW
Entering Electronics: Level 4 – Conner Johnson, SFR, CW
Exploring Ponds – Jessica French, SFR, CW
Explore the Outdoors – Christian Renner, SFR, CW
Family History Treasure Hunt – Grace Ledyard, SFR, CW; Nancy Kelb, SFR, CW
First Aid in Action – Levi Short, SFR, CW; Jesse Rittichier, HM
Fishing for the Beginner – Caleb Lantz, SFR, CW; Derek Zeiter, HM
Focus on Photo Level 1 – Kassidy Zientek, SFR, CW; Jolie Huffman, HM
From Airedales to Zebras: Vet 1 – Ella Bowman, SFR, CW; Chloe Creque, HM
Fun with Clothes – Hannah Hall, SFR, CW
Get Started in Art, Jr. – Zeke Borton, SFR, CW; Allena Crossgrove, CW; Carsyn Hagans, HM
Get Started in Art, Sr. – Emily Hill, SFR, CW; Alyssa Russell, CW; Alyssa Noe, HM
Grill Master – Colton Hite, SFR, CW; Trey Theobald, HM
Grow Your Own Vegetables – Macy Gerig, SFR, CW; Natalie Seibert, CW; Landon O’Dell, HM; Kaden Sanford, HM
Growing in Communities – Amber Rufenacht, SFR, CW
How Does Your Garden Grow – Lydia Buckbee, SFR, CW
Investigating Electricity: Level 2 – Mark Snyder, CW
Keeping Fit – Elijah Eberly, SFR, CW; Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW; Wade Armstrong, HM
Learning More About Your Tractor – Matthew Fritsch, CW
Let’s Bake Quick Breads – Natalie Seibert, SFR, CW; Allison Buckenmeyer, CW
Let’s Start Cooking, Jr. – Katie Stoner, SFR, CW; Konner Sanford, CW; Madison Remington, HM
Magic of Electricity: Level 1 – Madeleine Johnston, SFR, CW; Luke Borton, HM
Make Over My Space, Jr. – Wynn Cheney, SFR, CW; Macie Rochelle, CW; Sophia Meyer, HM
Make Over My Space, Sr. – Sarah Simon, SFR, CW
Making the Cut – Chet Meyer, SFR, CW; Nick Smithmyer, CW
Mastering Photography – Lindsey Crossgrove, CW
Measuring Up – Luke Hinz, SFR, CW; Angela Garbers, SFR, CW; Lilly Herr, HM
Nailing it Together – Spencer Goodsite, SFR, CW
Natural Resources Self-Determined – Water Quality – Mary Miller, SFR, CW; Madeline Shumaker, CW
Not Just Knots – Landon Graffice, SFR, CW; Aaron Johnston, SFR, CW; Cayden Jacoby, HM
Ohio Birds – Makayla McKenzie, SFR, CW
On the Cutting Edge, Vet 3 – Courtney Riches, SFR, CW; Isabella Ruiz, CW
Pathways to Culinary Success – Trinity Leady, SFR, CW
Pocket Pets – Cassandra Lee, CW; Emma Vaculik, HM
Purr-fect Pals – Delaney Whitaker, CW
Quilting the Best Better – Felicity Strang, CW
Robotics 1 – Nathan Michalek, SFR, CW; Mason Muhlenkamp, CW; Jason Myers, HM
Rockets Away- 2 liter bottle – Brayden Herman, SFR, CW; Alexis Reber, CW; Evan Beauregard, CW
Rockets Away- Solid fueled Rockets – Connor Sintobin, CW; Chase Wilkie, HM; Mark Snyder, HM
Safe Use of Guns – Ethan Hagans, SFR, CW; Kyle Krispin, HM; Jack Krispin, HM
Science Fun with Electricity – Mikal Bozarth, CW
Science Fun with Flight – Kaiden Keiser, CW
Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry – Josie Callan, CW; Draven Hartson, HM
Science Fun with Physics – Elizabeth Theobald, SFR, CW
Scrapbooking, Jr. – Lily Snyder, SFR, CW; Joanne Hite, CW; Jolie Huffman, CW
Scrapbooking, Sr. – Lauren Smith, SFR, CW; Emily Franklin, CW; Trinity Leady, HM; Rachel Weiland, HM
Self Determined, Jr. –Alexandra Gillen, SFR, CW; Arika Zeiter, CW; Chandler Ruetz, HM
Self Determined, Sr. – Angelica Gamber, SFR, CW; Kevin O’Neill, CW
Sew Fun – Demi Storrs, SFR, CW; Allie Herman, CW; Emily VanDenBerghe, HM
Shooting Sports- Archery Jr. – Zachary Puehler, SFR, CW; Grace Ledyard, CW; Zeke Borton, HM; Luke Borton, HM
Shooting Sports- Archery Sr. – Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW; Hannah May Borton, HM
Shooting Sports- Rifle, Jr. – Aivin Cook, SFR, CW
Shooting Sports- Rifle, Sr. – Shane Call, SFR, CW; Preston Baker, CW; Sydney Kohler, CW; Elisabeth Posey, CW
Shooting Sports –Shotgun, Jr. – Jayce Morrow, SFR, CW
Shooting Sports- Shotgun, Sr. – Alyssa Strain, SFR, CW; Jacob Snyder, CW
Shopping Savvy- Jessica French, SFR, CW
Snack Attack – Gracie Stough, SFR, CW; Jack Borton, CW; Mina Wesche, HM; Matthew Manson, HM
Sports Nutrition 1 – Kayla Menningen, HM
Starting Up, Getting to Know Your Tractor – Anthony Pelton, SFR, CW; Eli Warncke, SFR, CW; Emma Vaculik HM
Star Spangled Foods, Jr. – Daniel Hite, SFR, CW
Star Spangled Foods, Sr. – Rachael Noe, SFR, CW
Sundresses and Jumpers – Jillian Colon, SFR, CW; Mollie Newcomb, CW
The Laundry Project – Austin Hill, SFR, CW
The Truth about Tobacco – Mary Miller, SFR, CW
The Writer in You – Grace Butler, CW; Breckin Dunkle, HM; Claire Hutchinson, HM
Tops for Tweens – Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW; Allena Crossgrove, CW
Tune It Up – Trent Coopshaw, CW
Tractor Operations: Gearing Up – Cory Savage, SFR, CW
Warm It Up – Kaleb Barnes, CW
Wheels in Motion, Bicycling Level 2 – Luke Borton, SFR, CW
Wired for Power – Steven Bozarth, CW
Yeast Breads on the Rise – Taylor Wilcoxon, SFR, CW; Emily Herr, CW
Your First Home Away from Home – Megan Loeffler, HM
You & Your Dog, Jr. – Kayla Howard, SFR, CW; Lyndsey Marvin, CW
You & Your Dog, Int. – Elizabeth Mignin, SFR, CW
You Can Quilt – Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW; Lucy Strang, HM; Catherine Snyder, HM
You’re the Athlete – Alexandra Gillen, SFR, CW; Morgan Helminiak, HM

Outstanding Photography Project – Kassidy Zientek
Outstanding Woodworking Project – Chet Meyer

2016 4-H Royalty Announced
The OSU Extension Office is pleased to announce the following 2016 4-H Royalty. Applicants this summer have participated in a variety of evaluations that may include applications, interviews, testing and/or skillathons. Congratulations to the following teens for a job well done.

4-H Queen – Jolyssa Tedrow
Jolyssa Tedrow is a graduate of Delta High School and has completed her 2nd year at the Ohio State University ATI. She is majoring in Business Management, specializing in Agriculture. She is the daughter of Tina and Alex Tedrow of Wauseon. Jolyssa is a student ambassador/tele-counselor for the admissions office, as well as an office assistant for the Horticulture division. Jolyssa is a 10 year member of the 4-H Gainers and Leaders club and has shown pigs and goats at the Fulton County Fair. She is a member of the Junior Fair Board and has been a 4-H camp counselor for five years.

4-H King – TJ Baker
TJ Baker is a 10 year 4-H member of the Hoppin’ n’ Trottin’ 4-H Club. He is the son of Tom and Kim Baker of Swanton. TJ recently graduated from Swanton High School and will be attending Hocking College in the fall majoring in Cyber Security. TJ has taken many projects while in 4-H including rabbits, horses, turkeys and shooting sports. He has represented Ohio at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Competition for the past five years. He has participated many years at the Ohio State Fair and the Fulton County Fair.
Jolyssa Tedrow and TJ Baker will receive a $100.00 Scholarship for education beyond high school. This award is in memory of Pam and Don McQuillin’s daughter, Tonia, who died in 1993 after a five year battle with cancer. Tonia was a very active member of 4-H and was the 1989 Fulton County 4-H Queen.
4-H Horse Queen – Hannah Herr is an 8 year member of the 4-H Gainers and Leaders where she has been president, vice president, secretary, and recreation leader. She is the daughter of Jenny and Tom Herr, Jr. of Metamora. She has participated in the Ohio State Fair Qualifying show for four years and qualified all four times. She helps younger members with showmanship and her horse’s name is Dakota. She earned the academic E for having all A’s and a citizenship award from teachers. She is active in 4-H, volleyball, basketball, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Future Farmers of America.
4-H Poultry Princess – Hannah Stinson is the daughter of Lori and Barry Stinson of Swanton, Ohio. This fall Hannah will be a senior at Swanton high school and is in the National Honor society. This is Hannah’s 6th year in 4-H and she is a member of the Hoppin’ N Trottin’ 4-H club, which she is currently the president. Hannah has taken many projects including rabbits, ducks, horse, goats and many shooting projects. She is also a junior leader in archery. Hannah has also participated in many 4-H events like the Ohio State Fair, National 4-H Shooting Sports Championship, and many rabbit shows.
4-H Caprine Queen – Kathryn Helminiak is an 8 year member of Goats and “Udder” Things 4-H club where she shows rabbits and goats. She is the daughter of Sandra and James Helminiak of Maumee.
4-H Rabbit Queen – Cassidy Vanderveer is the daughter of Shawn and Katrina of Wauseon. Cassidy attends Fayette High School and actively involved in basketball, FFA, and student council. Cassidy is a 7 year member in the Pettisville Ever-Ready 4-H club taking rabbit projects and is on the 4-H Teen Board for leadership. She loves showing her rabbits, hanging out with friends, and eating pizza.
4-H Rabbit King – Conner Johnson is the son of Lori and Dan Johnson of Wauseon and is a sophomore at Wauseon High School and participates in FFA and show choir. Conner is an 8 year member of the Fulton 4-H Connection. His 4-H projects has included cooking, rabbits, chickens, fitness, and electricity. He is also a member of the 4-H Teen Board for leadership. Conner is active in Boy Scouts and is currently working on his Eagle Scout project. His future plans are to work in Conservation Agriculture.
4-H Puppy Princess – Mary Elizabeth Thompson is the daughter of Dawn and Rick Thompson of Swanton. Mary is a 10 year member of the Horse Hogs 4-H Club where she has taken horses, dogs, vet science and photography projects. Mary is also a member of the 4-H Teen Board for leadership.

2016 4-H Endowment Scholarship Recipients Announced
The Fulton County 4-H Program would like to announce the following recipients for the 2016 Fulton County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarships. To be eligible for the endowment scholarships, 4-H members (present or past) filled out a scholarship application and were then selected based on their 4-H projects, their community activities, their 4-H experiences and their long-range career goals.
Humbert Scholarship for Continuing Education: Rylee Ruger and Bevanne Pember
Cook Memorial and Recognition Award: Casen Burkholder (Fayette)
Clark Biddle Holstein Scholarship: Ashtyn Mathews (Metamora)
Biddle Scholarship for Career Public Speaking: Bevanne Pember (Berkey)
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Education: Erin Mazurowski (Delta)
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Science & Technology: Alexis Fruchey (Fayette)
Biddle Scholarship for Continuing Education: Erin Mazurowski (Delta)
Biddle Scholarship for Medical Science and Technology: Rylee Ruger (Fayette)
Horse Council: Morgan Schmidt (Maumee) and Mary Miller (Delta)
Tonia McQuillin 4-H King & Queen Scholarship: Jolyssa Tedrow (Wauseon) and TJ Baker (Swanton)
2016 Fulton County Skillathon Winners
Educational skillathons are conducted to test the content knowledge of youth taking species specific animal projects. Various stations such as body parts identification, reproduction and breeding, structure, diseases and conformation and cuts of meat are staged for youth. Their scores are ranked and winners are placed. Congratulations to the following youth for their successful efforts in this year’s 4-H goat project skillathon.
Senior Goat Skillathon – 1st place-Morgan Miller; 2nd place-Kathryn Helminiak; 3rd place- Esther Heilman; 4th place- Carisa Hoffman; 5th place-Jessica French
Junior Goat Skillathon – 1st place- Arika Zeiter; 2nd place- Kamryn Ruetz; 3rd place-Lilly Herr; 4th place-Lydia Heilman; 5th place- Trinity Martinez

Ohio State Fair Representatives: Horse Qualifiers
Sarah Beck, Tyler Echler, Allison Herr, Hannah Herr, Jennaya Hibbard, Madison Kusmierz, Rachel Lee, Olivia LeRoux, Madilynn Miller, Mary Miller, Morgan Schmidt, Mickenna Schweinhagen, Grace Sonick, Harley VandeSande, and Brooklyn Wright

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