Fulton County 4-H Announces Pre-Fair Judging Winners

The Fulton County 4-H Program is proud to announce the following pre-fair judging results. Congratulations on a job well done! (HM = Honorable Mention; CW = County Winner; SFR = State Fair Representative)

Accessories for Teens – Mallorie Strauss, CW
Active Sportswear- Sophia Meyer, CW
Adventures in Home Living – Renee Hoylman, SFR, CW
Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Mary Miller, SFR, CW; Hannah Fritsch, HM
All Systems Go! : Vet 2 – McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW
Arcs & Sparks, Jr. – Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW
Arcs & Sparks, Sr. – Seth Malone, SFR, CW; Colton Blanton, HM
ATV Safety- Jared Richer, CW
Basic Archery – Catherine Snyder, SFR, CW; Alexandra Gillen, CW; Emerson Reynolds, HM; Elizabeth Baker, HM
Beekeeping Project – Nathan McVay, SFR, CW; Henry McVay, HM
Become a Puppeteer!- Hannah Speer, CW
Becoming Money Wise – Taylor McIntire, SFR, CW
Bicycling for Fun, Jr. – Ava Case, SFR, CW
Cake Decorating, Jr. – Avery Baldwin, SFR, CW; Abigail Roth, CW; Hailey Creps, HM; Mina Wesche, HM
Cake Decorating, Sr. – Allianna Hite, SFR, CW
Cavy Project – Jolie Huffman, SFR, CW; Breanna Huffman, CW
Climbing Up: Level 2- Adison Fisher, CW
Crank It Up – Eli Warncke, SFR, CW
Creative Writing for Teens- Leah Cole, CW; Cassandra Lee, HM
Dashboard Dining – Kevin O’Neil, HM
Electric Radio-Controlled Vehicles – Laurel Garbers, CW; Ashton Sayers, CW; Zachary Puehler, HM
Entering Electronics: Level 4 – Connor Johnson, CW
Explore the Outdoors – Wil Newcomb, CW
Family History Treasure Hunt – Grace Ledyard, SFR, CW
Fast Break for Breakfast – Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW; Jenna Stanton, HM
Finding Your Voice- Mikayla Rochelle, SFR, CW; Bransen Reynolds, HM
Finishing Up – Michael Gillen, HM
Fishing for the Beginner – Spencer Goodsite, SFR, CW; Aaron Miller, HM; Levi Short, HM
Fishing for the Intermediate – Chandler Ruetz, SFR, CW; Emalee Stewart, HM
Focus on Photo Level 1 – Carsyn Hagans, SFR, CW
From Airedales to Zebras: Vet 1 – Elizabeth Theobald, SFR, CW; Megan Cox, HM
Fun with Clothes – Madeleine Johnston, SFR, CW
Get Started in Art, Jr. – Aschlen Reynolds, SFR, CW; Sophia Meyer, CW; Addisen Reynolds, HM; Emersen Reynolds, HM
Get Started in Art, Sr. – Emily Hill, SFR, CW; Andrea Smithmyer, CW; Bransen Reynolds, HM
Global Gourmet – Jacob Imre, SFR, CW; Aaron Johnston, HM
Grill Master – Noah Malone, SFR, CW; Steven Bozarth, CW; Trent Sauber, HM
Growing with the Seasons- Patrick Natter, CW; Kaden Sanford, HM
How Does Your Garden Grow – Ava Hoylman, SFR, CW; Olivia Mendez, HM
Investigating Electricity: Level 2 – Eli Warncke, SFR, CW
Keeping Fit – Erica VanLoocke, SFR, CW; Sydney Creps, HM
Leadership Road Trip – Alivia Morrow, SFR, CW
Let’s Bake Quick Breads, Sr. – Heidi Fritsch, SFR, CW
Let’s Start Cooking, Jr. – Gracie Stough, SFR, CW; Kendall Wyse, CW; Luke Reinhard, CW
Let’s Start Cooking, Sr. – Emily Hoeffel, SFR, CW
Look Great for Less – Mallory Jones, SFR, CW; Kallie Strauss, CW; Emalee Stewart, HM
Magic of Electricity: Level 1 – Chaz Myer, CW
Make Over My Space, Jr. – Emily Herr, SFR, CW
Make Over My Space, Sr. – Morgan Helminiak, SFR, CW
Making the Cut – Chet Meyer, SFR, CW; Tyler Partin, SFR, CW; Wade Armstrong, CW; Spencer Goodsite, CW
Nailing it Together – Jayce Helminiak, SFR, CW
Ohio Birds – Madeleine Johnston, SFR, CW; Miah Beauregard, HM
On the Cutting Edge – Leah Cole, CW
One on One- Connor Hagans, SFR, CW
Party Planner – Kayla Miller, SFR, CW
Pocket Pets – Breanna Huffman, SFR, CW; Alexandria Lee, CW
Quilting the Best Better – Alex Pursel, CW
Racing the Clock to Awesome – Aschlen Reynolds, SFR, CW
Robotics 1 – John Blystone, SFR, CW; Jayce Helminiak, CW; Kristopher Burns, HM; Troy Jones, HM; Nicholas Mazurowski, HM; Nathan McVay, HM
Robotics 2 – Trey Thobald, SFR, CW; Mason Kinsman, CW
Rockets Away- 2 liter bottle – Miah Beauregard, SFR, CW; Issac Case, HM
Rockets Away- Solid fueled Rockets – Isaac Case, SFR, CW; Alexander Browning, HM; Chase Wilkie, HM
Safe Use of Guns – Baden Skates, SFR, CW; Morgan Kohler, CW
Science Fun with Electricity – Drew Beauregard, CW
Science Fun with Flight – Anthony Pelton, SFR, CW
Science Fun with Physics – Jessica French, SFR, CW;
Scrapbooking, Jr. – Mindy O’Neill, SFR, CW; Natalie Seibert, CW
Scrapbooking, Sr. – Amber Smallman, SFR, CW; Lauren Smith, SFR, CW;
Self Determined, Jr. –Madeline Shumaker, SFR, CW; Ethan Hagans, CW
Self Determined, Sr. – Angelica Gamber, SFR, CW
Sew Fun – Wynn Cheney, SFR, CW; Demi Storrs, CW; Jillian Colon, HM
Shooting Sports- Archery Jr. – Alyssa Strain, SFR, CW; Grace Ledyard, CW
Shooting Sports- Archery Sr. – Carisa Hoffman, SFR, CW
Shooting Sports – Hunting and Wildlife, Jr. – Hannah Speer, SFR, CW
Shooting Sports – Hunting and Wildlife, Sr. – Jillian Speer, SFR, CW
Shooting Sports – Muzzleloading, Sr. – Jacob Snyder, SFR, CW; Joshua Mitchell, CW
Shooting Sports- Pistol, Jr. – Alyssa Strain, CW
Shooting Sports- Pistol, Sr. – Thomas Baker, SFR, CW
Shooting Sports- Rifle Project – Justin Duncan, SFR, CW; Hannah Stinson, SFR, CW; Preston Baker, CW
Shooting Sports -Shotgun Project – Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW; Zachary Puehler, CW
Shopping Savvy- Emalee Stewart, SFR, CW
Shotgun Project – Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW; Zachary Puehler, CW
Snack Attack – Rachael Noe, SFR, CW; Jillian Colon, CW; Chloey Dobaczewski, HM; Austin Hill, HM
Solid-Fuel Rocketry Master – Kristopher Burns, CW
Sports Nutrition 1 – Ashton Sayers, SFR, CW
Sports Nutrition 2 – Carissa Call, SFR, CW
Starting Up – Cory Savage, SFR, CW; Emma Vaculik, SFR, CW
Star Spangled Foods, Jr. – Jessica French, SFR, CW;
Star Spangled Foods, Sr. – Turner Barrett, SFR, CW
Staying Healthy – Macie Rochelle, CW
Sundresses and Jumpers – Allena Crossgrove, SFR, CW; Jenna Hallet, CW; Arika Zeiter, HM
The Laundry Project – Addyson Gamber, SFR, CW
The Truth about Tobacco – Samantha Pennington, SFR, CW
Tops for Tweens – Mollie Newcomb, SFR, CW;
Trapping Muskrats – Eli Warncke SFR, CW; Landon Nisely, HM
Vegetable Gardening – Janae Kinsman, CW; Kamryn Ruetz, HM
Yeast Breads on the Rise – Abby Pennington, CW
You & Your Dog, Jr. – Ella Bowman, SFR, CW; Josie Petersen, CW
You & Your Dog, Sr. – Elizabeth Mignin, SFR, CW;
You Can Quilt – Rachel Jordan, SFR, CW
You’re the Athlete – Mary Miller, SFR, CW; Jocelyn Schuster, CW; Elijah Eberly, HM
You’re the Chef – Kendra Sanford, CW
Outstanding Photography Project – Carsyn Hagans
Outstanding Woodworking Project – Chet Meyer

2015 4-H Royalty
The OSU Extension Office in Fulton County are pleased to announce the following 2015 4-H Royalty. Applicants this summer have participated in a variety of evaluations that may include applications, interviews, testing and/or skillathons. Congratulations to the following teens for a job well done.
4-H KING & QUEEN: Colton Blanton & Hannah Stinson
4-H CAPRINE KING & QUEEN: Matthew Helminiak & Morgan Miller
4-H HORSE KING & QUEEN: Tyler Echler & Mary Miller
4-H LAMB & WOOL QUEEN: Ashtyn Mathews
4-H POULTRY PRINCE& PRINCESS: Connor Johnson & Lauren Smith
4-H RABBIT KING & QUEEN: Cory Johnson & Sierra Tripp

2015 4-H Endowment Scholarship Recipients Announced
The Fulton County 4-H Program would like to announce the following recipients for the 2015 Fulton County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarships. To be eligible for the endowment scholarships, 4-H members (present or past) filled out a scholarship application and were then selected based on their 4-H projects, their community activities, their 4-H experiences and their long-range career goals.
Humbert Scholarship for Continuing Education: Samantha Norman & Meridith Short
Cook Memorial and Recognition Award: Carissa Call
Biddle Scholarship for Career Public Speaking: Bevanne Pember
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Education: Samantha Norman
Clair Jones Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Kovar
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Science & Technology: Harmon Gombash
Biddle Scholarship for Continuing Education: Erica VanLoocke
Biddle Scholarship for Medical Science and Technology: Mary Imre
Horse Council: Hannah Herr & Allison Herr
Tonia McQuillin 4-H King & Queen Scholarship: Colton Blanton & Hannah Stinson

2015 Fulton County Skillathon Winners
Jr. Goat Skillathon – 1st place- Arika Zeiter; 2nd place- Lydia Heilman; 3rd place-Trinity Martinez; 4th place-Kamryn Ruetz; 5th place- Chandler Ruetz.
Sr. Goat Skillathon – 1st place-Morgan Miller; 2nd place-Esther Heilman; 3rd place- Kathryn Helminiak; 4th place- Matthew Helminiak; 5th place-Madison Denton

Ohio State Fair Representatives: Horse Qualifiers
Adrianna Hibbard, Allison Herr, Amber Smith, Breanna Brubaker, Breyanna Yeary, Brooklyn Wright, Cheyanna Yeary, Dakota Kessler, Elizabeth Beck, Hannah Herr, Hannah Knapp, Harley VandeSande, Jennaya Hibbard, Kaitlin Przepiora, Madilynn Miller, Madison Kusmierz, Mary Miller, Mickenna Schweinhagen, Morgan Schmid t, Olivia LeRoux, Sarah Beck, Tyler Echler, Rachel Lee


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