Fulton County 4-H Endowment Scholarship Recipients Annoucned

VR LOGO - WEBThe Fulton County 4-H Program would like to announce the following recipients for the 2014 Fulton County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarships. To be eligible for the endowment scholarships, 4-H members (present or past) filled out a scholarship application form and were then selected based on their projects taken in 4-H, their community activities, their 4-H experiences and their long-range career goals. Recipients of these scholarships awarded are:

Humbert Scholarship for Continuing Education: Sarah Kovar & Samantha Norman
Cook Memorial and Recognition Award: Samantha Norman & Ross Andre
Biddle Scholarship for Career Public Speaking: Michael Baker
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Education: Payton Miller
Clair Jones Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Kovar
Biddle Scholarship for H.S. Grads or College Students in Science & Technology: Matthew Lenz
Biddle Scholarship for Continuing Education: Chrysta Beck
Biddle Scholarship for Medical Science and Technology: Sarah Kovar
4-H Horse Council Scholarship: Alissa Daniels & Madison Campbell
Tonia McQuillin Memorial 4-H King & Queen Scholarship: Sean Baker & Sarah Simon

The Fulton County 4-H Program is also proud to announce the following pre-fair judging results. Congratulations on a job well done! The following are the abbreviations used to identify which honors were awarded:
HM = Honorable Mention
CW = County Winner
SFR = State Fair Representative

Accessories for Teens – Kallie Strauss, SFR, CW; Morgan Helminiak, HM
Adventures in Home Living – Carsyn Hagans, SFR, CW
Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Erica VanLoocke, SFR, CW
Archery – Shooting Sports, Jr. – Alexander Browning, SFR, CW
Archery – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Hannah Stinson, SFR, CW
Arcs & Sparks – McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW; Trent Sauber, HM; Pete Simon, HM
Basic Archery – Chandler Ruetz, SFR, CW; Ethan Hagans, CW; Aaliyah Carpenter, CW; Devin Morrow, CW; Alexandra Gillen, HM; Angelica Gamber, HM
Basic Beekeeping – Nathan McVay, SFR, CW
Becoming Money Wise – Alexander Browning, SFR, CW; Taylor McIntire, CW
Bicycling for Fun – Jessica French, SFR, CW
Cake Decorating, Jr. – Emma Majewski, SFR, CW; Chaeli Deck, CW; Mya Stuckey, CW; Nichole Wilson, CW; Jolie Huffman, HM; Anias Thompson, HM
Cake Decorating, Sr. – Conner Hicks, SFR, CW
Canning and Freezing – Anabelle Behrendt, SFR, CW; Rayna Schmidt, HM
Cavy – Breanna Huffman, SFR, CW
Controlling The Image – Mikayla Rochelle, CW
Dog Obedience – Laurel Garbers, CW
Dress Up Outfit – Emmalee Stewart, SFR, CW
Embellish It – Leah Cole, SFR, CW
Entering Electronics – Michael Gillen, SFR, CW
Family History Treasure Hunt – Mindy O’Neill, SFR, CW; Elizabeth Mignin, CW
Finishing Up – Kassi Studer, SFR, CW; Bailey O’Neil, CW
First Aid in Action – Jenna Stanton, SFR, CW
Fishing for the Beginner – Chandler Ruetz, SFR, CW
Focus on Photo Level 1 – Lindsey Crossgrove, CW; Hailey Creps, HM
Fun with Clothes – Arabella Jamison, SFR, CW; Lydia Valentine, HM; Anabelle Behrendt, HM
Get Started in Art, Jr. –Miah Beauregard, SFR, CW; Peter LaPlante, CW; Stephanie Jagodzinski, CW; Allison Buckenmeyer, HM
Get Started in Art, Sr. – Carissa Call, SFR, CW
Global Gourmet – Brynn Ballmer, SFR, CW; Taylor Wilcoxon, CW
Grill Master – Alexander Majewski, SFR, CW
How Does Your Garden Grow – Matthew Manson, SFR, CW
Hunting & Wildlife-SS, Jr. – Hannah Speer, SFR, CW
Hunting & Wildlife-SS, Sr. – Jullian Speer, SFR, CW; Hannah Stinson, CW
Look Great for Less – Mallorie Strauss, SFR, CW
Mastering Photography – Allison Wacha, CW
Magic of Electricity – Layton Willson, HM
Make Over My Space – Jamie VanLoocke, SFR, CW; Emily Hill, HM
Making the Cut – Nathan Buchhop, SFR, CW
Measuring Up – Eli Warncke, SFR, CW
Nailing it Together – Caleb Ruetz, SFR, CW
Ohio Birds – Miah Beauregard, SFR, CW; Jessica French, HM
Pantry Panic – Trinity Leady, SFR, CW
Pistol – Shooting Sports, Jr. – Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW
Pistol – Shooting Sports, Sr. – Thomas Baker, SFR, CW
Robotics 1 – Benjamin Morris, SFR, CW; Trey Theobald, CW; Nathan McVay, HM
Robotics 2 – Carissa Hoffman, CW; Colton Blanton, HM\
Robotics Master – Preston Baker, CW
Rockets Away- 2 liter bottle – Austin Rearick, SFR, CW; Shane Suchora, CW; Drew Beauregard, CW; Justin Duncan, HM
Rockets (Solid Fuel) – Kristopher Burns, CW; Owen Monroe, HM
Rope – Claire Smith, HM
Safe Use of Guns – Emily Smith, SFR, CW
Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry – McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW
Scrapbooking, Jr. – Mindy O’Neill, SFR, CW; Trinity Leady, SFR, CW; Natalie Seibert, HM
Scrapbooking, Sr. – Lauren Smith, SFR, CW; Rachel Weiland, SFR, CW; Emily Franklin, CW; Mackenzie Eberly, HM; Kendalyn Noe, HM
Self-Determined, Jr. – Alexandra Gillen SFR, CW; Bryse Neuenschwander, CW
Self-Determined, Sr. – Derek Loeffler, SFR, CW; Bailey Kern, CW; Alexandria Lee, CW
Self-Determined (Astronomy) – Sean Baker, SFR, CW; Austin Hill, CW
Self-Determined (Camp Counselor) – Connor Hagans, SFR, CW
Self-Determined (Reptiles & Amphibians – Amelia Lyn McFarland, SFR, CW
Self-Determined (Quilting) – Alyssa Noe, SFR, CW
Sew Fun – Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW; Ella Bowman, CW; Chloe Creque, HM
Snack Attack – Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW; Addyson Gamber, HM; Turner Barrett, HM
Sports Nutrition 1 – Cody Sheller, SFR, CW
Sports Nutrition 2 – Madison Rice, SFR, CW
Sundresses and Jumpers – Arlie Lambright, CW; Amelia Champada, HM
Teen Boardmanship- Amber Smallman – SFR, CW
Teens on the Road to Financial Success – Samantha Pennington, SFR, CW
Tops for Tweens – Rachel Short, SFR, CW
Trapping Muskrats – Eli Warncke, CW
Vegetable Gardening – Rayna Schmidt, CW; Mary Miller, CW; Kaden Sanford, HM; Tyler Partin, HM
Vet 1 – Ashley Creps, SFR, CW
Vet 2 – Leah Cole, SFR, CW; Isabella Ruiz, HM
You & Your Dog – Ella Bowman, SFR, CW; Elizabeth Mignin, CW
You Can Quilt – Rayna Schmidt, SFR, CW
Your First Home Away From Home – Kaitlin Ruetz, SFR, CW

Outstanding Photography Project – Mikayla Rochelle
Outstanding Woodworking Project – Kassi Studer

West Regional District Health & Safety Skit Junior Team Winners: Tatum Barnes, Fulton 4-H Connection 4-H Club and Landon Nisely, Countryside Clovers

2014 Fulton County Skillathon Winners
Sr. Dog Skillathon – 1st place-Mary Miller; 2nd place-Michael Baker; 3rd place-Cory Johnson
Jr. Goat Skillathon –1st place – Morgan Miller; 2nd place – Trinity Martinez; 3rd place – Chandler Ruetz; 4th place – Jacob Snyder; 5th place – Lydia Heilman
Sr. Goat Skillathon –1st place – Esther Heilman; 2nd place – Payton Miller; 3rd place – Lauren Smith; 4th place – Courtney Riches; 5th place – Paige Holdridge
Jr. Poultry Skillathon –1st place – Jessica French; 2nd place – Taylor Caudill; 3rd place – Preston Baker; 4th place – Caleb Bagi; 5th place – Carter Hite
Sr. Poultry Skillathon –1st place – Cody French; 2nd place – Kira Cherry; 3rd place – Michael Baker; 4th place – Lauren Smith; 5th place – Conner Johnson
Jr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place – Briley Rupp; 2nd place – Aengus McIlwain; 3rd place – McKenna Thierry
Intermediate Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place – Cory Johnson; 2nd Place – Conner Johnson; 3rd place – Cassidy Vanderveer
Sr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place – Nathaniel Ballmer; 2nd place – Brady Rupp; 3rd place – Krista Thierry

Ohio State Fair Representatives: Horse Qualifiers – Mickenna Schweinhagen, Madison Campbell, Olivia LeRoux, Emily Friend, Halie Johnstone, Allison Sparks, Mary Miller, Tyler Echler, Hannah Herr

Mickenna Schweinhagen: 7th – Hunter Under Saddle, 16 yr. olds
Hannah Herr: 6th – Hunter Under Saddle, 13-14 yr. olds
Olivia LeRoux: 9th – Hunter Under Saddle, 15 yr. olds

Drake Banister: 2nd and 3rd place Berkshire Gilts, and 3rd and 4th place with Tamworth Gilts
Kylie Banister: Grand Champion Tamworth Gilt and a 3rd place with Berkshire Gilt.
Roman Dominique: Reserve Grand Champion Light Cross Barrow and hog placed 3rd Overall, 5th in Showmanship for the 12 year old class.
Ashton Dominique: Dark Cross barrow placed second in class, York hog placed 2nd in her class and she placed 2nd in Showmanship in her 11 year old division.

Ohio State Fair Clock Trophy Winners
Breanna Huffman: Jr. Cavies

Ohio State Fair “Outstanding of the Day” Award Winners
Trinity Leady: Jr. Scrapbooking
Amelia Lyn McFarland: Jr. Reptiles & Amphibians
Kallie Strauss: Creative Costumes
Jenna Hallett: Clothing for Your Career
Jenna Hallett: Snack Attack
Garrett Puehler: Jr. Pistol
Rayna Schmidt: Jr. You Can Quilt
Austin Rearick: Rockets Away Bottle Rockets
McCormick Warncke: Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry
Eli Warncke: Jr. Measuring Up (Woodworking)

Ohio State Fair Beef Skillathon
Adam Kinsman: 5th place – 14 yr. old division
Samantha Norman: 1st place – 17 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Sheep Skillathon
Hannah Kovar: 1st place, 9 yr. old division
Allison Herr: 16th place, 10 yr. old division
Neila Kinsman: 5th place, 15 yr. old division
Troy King: 9th place, 18 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Swine Skillathon
Ashton Dominique: 25th place, 11 yr. old division
Roman Dominique: 28th place, 12 yr. old division
Christina Norman: 13th place, 13 yr. old division
Mason Creager: 1st place, 15 yr. old division
Samantha Norman: 1st place, 17 yr. old division
Dustin Nofziger: 2nd place, 17 yr. old division
Garrett Cass: 14th place, 18 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Horse Skillathon
Allison Herr: 4th place, Jr., 10 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Poultry Skillathon
Preston Baker: 6th place – 13 yr. old division
Hannah Stinson: 4th place – 14 yr. old division
Kim Cherry: 9th place – 15 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Goat Skillathon
Lydia Heilman: 5th place – 12 yr. old division
Esther Heilman: 1st place – 16 yr. old division

Ohio State Fair Rabbit Skillathon
Nathan Hall: 5th place, 10 yr. old division
Avery Monahan: 6th place, 10 yr. old division
Brooke Vanderveer: 7th place, 10 yr. old division
Lauren Hall, 10th place, 10 yr. old division
Briley Rupp: 2nd place, 11 yr. old division
Austin Rearick: 6th place, 11 yr. old division
Sarayna Russell: 11th place, 11 yr. old division
Brayden Monahan: 14th place, 11 yr. old division
Cassidy Vanderveer: 4th place, 12 yr. old division
Preston Baker: 13th place, 13 yr. old division
Hannah Stinson: 1st place, 14 yr. old division
Sierra Tripp: 3rd place, 14 yr. old division
Mikayla Russell: 3rd place, 15 yr. old division
Brady Rupp: 8th place, 16 yr. old division
Krista Thierry: 3rd place, 17 yr. old division
Kailey Kruse: 2nd place, 18 yr. old division
Michael Baker: 3rd place, 18 yr. old division

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