Fulton County Accepts Bids For Various Road & Roofing Projects

By: James Pruitt

A Napoleon company won the award for the Fulton County 2016 Asphalt Resurfacing Project.

Gerken Paving’s bid of $2.18 million was the lowest and best bid, according to a letter from Engineer Frank T. Onweller. The board opened the bids May 31.

Onweller estimated the project would cost $2.17 million.

Shelly Co., of Maumee a bid for $2,361,062.20, but it was determined the actual bid was $2.346 million.

The project involves deep repairs, leveling and overlay of Road 6 in Amboy Township from U.S. 20 to Road N; leveling and surface overlay of Road 3 between roads J and K in Fulton Township; deep repair and surface overlay of Road K at Road 3 intersection; monument boxes; Swancreek Road C from Road 3 to Road 4.1; Swancreek Road 4 (Road D to Road E); Swancreek Road 2-2 (U.S. 20A to Road H and Swancreek Road 2 (Road D to Road EF).

The county formally entered into a contract with Ward Construction for the 2016 Seal Coat project.

Ward had the winning bid of $787,165 and the county need confirmation that the townships of Amboy, Chesterfield, Franklin, Fulton. Gorham, Royalton, Swancreek and York have all provided information their shares of the cost are available.

The board executed a contract for $29,986 with Bo-Dec, Inc. to complete work on the roof of Edgar-Grisier Funeral Home, 126 N. Fulton as part of the Wauseon Downtown Revitalization project.

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