Fulton County Board Handles Two Meetings Quickly

The Fulton Board of County Commissioners met Feb. 9 and approved the following resolutions:

The board approved an increase in appropriations to:

Workforce Development, $2,800 for supplies, $384.25 for travel and $300 for cell phone.

Visitors Bureau: $31,122.83 from lodging tax.

Entity Portion: $560.08 from lodging tax.

Approved a draw request by the Area Office on Aging of $81,101.79 for nutritional services in January. A separate request for funds for housekeeping and transportation totaled $38,335. 14.

Approved a payment plan from a resident in the Northeast Water System to pay off a $2,766 balance in installments and have it cleared by Nov. 1.

At the board’s Feb. 2 meeting:
Commissioners approved the transfer of $45,000 from the Solid Waste Management Fund to the Board of Developmental Disabilities for the county’s recycling program.

Approved the oversight of funds for the Child Support Enforcement Program on behalf of Jobs and Family Services through a contract with the Fulton County Common Pleas Court for $8,648.04.

The board approved a contract on behalf of the county Senior Center to rent St. Caspar Catholic Church’s Parish Life Center in Wauseon for an event Nov. 9.

Approved an amended contract between JFS and Adriel Inc., for placement of children at an added cost of $11,250.

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