Fulton County Board Joins Tmcog To Have Vote For Regional Water Study


The Board of Fulton County Commissioners met briefly to conduct some housekeeping business April 4.

Besides fund transfers, minutes and the agenda, commissioners reviewed the county’s share of public assistance expenditures and mandated shares for the state’s Fiscal Year 2018. The commissioners also approved a resolution spelling out which county roads will be used for the upcoming pipeline construction.

The county’s mandated share after a 105 percent adjust will include:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: $35,188.
  • Food assistance: $17,508; Total expenses: $204,248.
  • Medicaid Administration: $19,502; total expenses: $228,552.
  • Disability Assistance: $2,133; total expenses: $8,540.
  • Total Mandated Share: $74,421

The Fulton County Engineer negotiated an agreement with Nexus Gas Transmission LLC for the road use, repair and maintenance of county and township roads for the construction of the natural gas pipeline and associated facilities.

The agreement will require Nexus to video the condition of the road before its trucks and equipment are used and will be responsible for any repairs to said roads.

In addition to the county, the boards of Amboy, Fulton and Swancreek townships will sign off on the agreement.

The commissioners also approved a resolution to allow the county to join the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments so it could have voting rights on the Regional Water Planning Committee.

The commissioners responded to the suggestion of Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada to join.

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