Fulton County Celebrates Board Of Developmental Disabilities 50th Anniversary

The board received notice the Ohio Department of Transportation is updating the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program and will have a public session in the county.

The open house is part of the second step in the STIP development process. This provides an opportunity for the public to review and comment. The STIP is the four-year planning document which presents a fiscally balanced, multi-modal transportation program.

The open house is scheduled for 3-6 p.m., March 28 at the Archbold Community Library.

The county’s appointment of Michael Horst at apiarist for 2017 has been approved by the state Department of Agriculture.

The Dog Warden report for the week ending March 4 shows one dog was brought in and three were picked up. Two dogs were redeemed.

The office collected $230 in licenses and fees.

For the week ending March 11, the office had 14 dogs picked up or stray and 11 redeemed.

The office collected $120 in licenses and fees.

The commissioners approved Resolution 2017-231 which authorizes any deposits made by the county to qualified individual accounts be reversed and forwarded to the Alternative Health Insurance Plan. Not all county employees are eligible for contribution to a health savings account.

The commissioners approved a resolution celebrating the 50th anniversary of the state’s creation of county Boards of Developmental Disabilities.

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