Fulton County Court Could Close For Two Days In February


The Western District Court is requesting permission to be closed Feb. 9-10 to allow the staff to take time off together.

Since those dates are not a recognized holiday, Clerk Heather Lumbrezer has asked Administrator Vond Hall for permission to close the court those days. There is a chance that a worker not going on the group trip will be able to run the court by themselves for immediate needs.

The Dog Warden picked up eight strays and redeemed five the week ending Jan. 21. No fees were collected.

The county’s sales tax collection rate is ahead of last year, according to a new report. Through January, the county has collected $645,616.05.

Last year to date the county collected $602,574.96. This year’s amount is the largest in the 11 years the report covers.

Miller Brothers Construction has been awarded the reconstruction of County Road M between CR 22 and SR 66 with a bid of $1,428,463.65.

The engineer’s estimate was $1,427,200.

The board approved the FY2017 Grant pre-application for the following projects.
-Construct SRE storage building and acquire snow removal equipment.
-The estimated cost is $667,000 with the FAA picking up 90 percent of the cost and the state and county each chipping in 5 percent.

This is not the final application as that will include firm construction costs.

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