Fulton County Extends Deadline For Surveys On Ditch Work

The Fulton Board of County Commissioners extended the deadline for surveys, reports and schedules for Ditch 2111-Lambert to June 8, 2017

The board received a recommendation that work on Ditch 2127, branches 3e and 3e3, is feasible. The project is estimated to cost more than $55,000, but will have far greater benefit over the 20-year life of the upgrades for property owners in preserving and enhancing their values.

A petition for work at Branch 4 of Fewless Creek in Swancreek Township was studied as well. The project cost is $54,180 for Branch 4 and $32,510 for Branch 4d.

The last work by the county on the branch goes back to the late 1940s. The land owners have been doing maintenance since then.

The board extended the contract with Allied Waste Services by $30,000.

Approved a contract with AccuMed to protect health information for EMS.

Awarded snow removal for the following properties: Courthouse complex, Sheriff’s Department, Administration Building, Health Department, Detwiler Office Complex and the Senior Center to Tim Rice Trucking of Wauseon. The rate for the western county properties will be $57 per hour per piece of equipment and $57 per hour for offsite snow removal and $8.25 for salt application per 100 pounds. For the eastern county properties, the cost is $70 per hour for snow removal and $10.75 for salt per 100 pounds.

The other bid came from Rock Solid Landscape $65 per hour for snow removal and $20 for salt.

Todd Bingham of Fulton County Maintenance recommended Rice.

Dog Warden reports
The Fulton County Dog Warden’s office picked up 10 strays the week of Oct. 9-15 and all were redeemed.

The office collected $50 in boarding and redemption fees and issued $40 in licenses.

For the week of Oct. 2-8, the office picked up seven dogs and redeemed 10. The office collected $80 in redemption fees, $40 in boarding costs, $80 in euthanization fees and $110 in licenses.

The office issued 10 citations and destroyed one dog at the owner’s request.

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