Fulton County Health Center Recently Held 12th Health Care Camp

Fulton County Health Center (FCHC) recently held our 12th health care camp for high school students. It was held Sunday 4/23. We had 6 students attend this free camp. Madison Diemer from Liberty Center High School, Sam Frank and Olivia Leininger from Wauseon High School, Daisy Meyer and Jenny Waisner from Napoleon High School and Madison DeSantos from Delta High School.

The students spent some time considering and discussing a variety of health care careers, changes in the health care culture, basic health care competencies, a wheelchair safety course with practice, a tour of the FCHC and options for students in volunteering or job shadowing at FCHC.

Including this group, FCHC has now had 72 students complete this camp, representing 12 different schools. Health care camp was started in 2015, and meets quarterly during the school year and three times in the summer.
FCHC offers this as a way to support and encourage the next generation.

This camp is the gateway to volunteering or job shadowing opportunities at FCHC. We have 10-15 high school and college students who volunteer here.
We have just announced our summer dates for health care camps: Monday June 26, 2017. Thursday July 20, 2017 and Wed Aug 16. Each session will be 1 pm till 4:30. The camp is free, but limited to 10 students per session.
Reservations are required. Students interested in attending camp this summer, are invited to contact Mary Gautz, Coordinator of Volunteers and Auxiliary, at mgautz@fulhealth.org or 419-330-2695. Supportive adults, teachers, counselors and parents should call with questions, but are encouraged to let the students obtain their own reservations! It’s great practice for them.


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