Fulton County Hears About Airport Needs, Fire Chiefs’ Request, Boundary Line Resets

FC board WEBBy: James Pruitt

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners met Aug. 23 and discussed the following matters.
The cost of runway turf markers for the county airport. The field needs 34 markers and they cost $500 each for $17,000.
The state will pay up to 95 percent of the cost or a maximum of $16,150, consultant Steve Potoczaked stated in a letter to County Administrator Vond Hall. At $17,000, 95 percent is $16,150. The county would pay $850.
Potoczak’s firm, Delta Airport Consultants, will assist the county is advertising for bids for the markers. If the final total comes in less than $17,000, the state and county would each pay less, but if the final cost goes above $17,000, the county will be on the hook for the difference, Potoczak said.
The county will have to cover the cost of advertising for bids.

Third-party billing manager requested
The Fulton County Fire Chiefs Association is asking the commissioners to conduct a compliance review of its EMS billing.
In a letter dated Aug. 15 from the group to the board, Chief Rick Sluder told the commissioners the county has had a long history of compliance with EMS billing standards and practices. But they would like to have two third-party billing services to do an outside review.
The association has researched electronic patient care reporting systems and has found many technological, financial and organizational benefits that can come from a third-party billing account manager.
The chiefs listed other benefits on the technology and compliance sides. The letter noted the chiefs want to move to a cloud-based system and believe a third-party account manager would work best.
The letter suggested two outside parties: Medicount and the AccuMedGroup that would be ideal for a review.

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