Fulton County Knights Of Columbus & St Richard Youth Group Team Up


By: Charlene Adams
The Village Reporter

This is the third and final article in this series which will spotlight a partnership with The Knights of Columbus and the youth group at St. Richard school and a program that these awesome kids have organized and managed every year since 2006 called GLOW.

In 2007, The Knights were asked to sponsor and they have been working together ever since to make Christmas special for Fulton County foster children and their families. The K of C goes on to explain that there are many people involved in putting on this diverse program that meets the needs of many people across many sectors in the community. This important program also gives our youth leadership qualities and also gives an avenue for St. Richard parishioners to be involved and give their hearts and souls in assisting and doing what is right for people in need.

They also can feel good knowing this is an organized event they can participate in and know their contributions are going to people that truly need it. A big one they contribute to is the ornament tree that is set up at the church. Many people also help with putting gift baskets together with the help of donations from the community and local businesses.

The GLOW program works with a private foster agency in Fulton County and prepares an annual Christmas party for 117 local foster children and their families. The K of C members are in charge of the kitchen and help to prepare and provide the meals for this party. This year was really phenomenal with Santa arriving like a true rock star. He was flown in via Pro Medica Airmobile and then brought to St. Richard on a Swanton fire truck accompanied by two rescue units. Also Swanton Railroad and Model Club set up a room full of trains. Ballreich Chip Company and Swanton Kroger also contributed this year as in years past.

Once Santa got settled in, he then went on to pass out toys to the children that were donated in the community with a lot of help from Dollar General’s toy drives at both Swanton and Delta locations. Santa and Mrs. Claus then stayed and hung out with the families. The adults also got to shop the tables that were set out with donated goods to help ease the burden of shopping for gifts with limited funds and tight budgets. Mr. Dennis Seffernick said it best “The joy we get out of doing this is when we help somebody and the next year or down the road someone that was helped paid it forward by either volunteering or donating.

It’s about people helping people. Christmas is a time for giving not receiving.” This program continues to get bigger and better every year. The Glow kids go on to write essays on what they have experienced and these essays then get published in The St. Richard Church bulletin. The K of C and the youth at St. Richard would like to thank all of those involved in making this program a success. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.

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