Fulton County Oks Contract To Connect To Wauseon Sewer System

Fulton County and the city of Wauseon are now linked in providing sanitary sewer service to Dover Township.

The board approved a contract April 18 allowing the county to discharge sewage from the Airport Sewer into the city’s system. The county is limited to 5,000 gallons a day.

The county will be responsible for the maintenance of the sewer, while Wauseon will bill customers at the same rate as the city’s current customers. The contract’s term is 10 years.

Wauseon Public Sewer Director Dennis Richardson stated in a memo to the board the city wholeheartedly endorses the pact.

In other news:

  • The board opened bids for the 2017 Asphalt Resurfacing and one bid was submitted.
  • Gerken Paving of Napoleon submitted a bid of $1,399,390. The engineer’s estimate was $1,426, 633. The county board awarded the bid April 20.
  • The board also approved the advertisement of two positions at JFS in the Child Support Division.
  • During a routine inspection of Fulton County’s landfill a leachate outbreak was noted, but an existing dike contained. The inspection occurred Feb. 28 and the county’s sanitation engineer Ziad Musallam notified the Ohio EPA about the containment.
  • County Administrator Vond Hall recommended to the commissioners the contract for energy conservation should be awarded to Energy System Group. The recommendation came after reviewing all submissions and their qualifications, Hall stated in his note.

The board also approved payments for the JFS office.

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