Fulton County Settles Lawsuit Over Defunct Port Authority

Fulton County has joined with Henry, Defiance and Paulding counties in a settlement with a Sylvania consulting firm over fees from the now defunct Port Authority.

The four counties dissolved the authority in January of this year. The counties had entered into a contract with the firm in 2008 and renewed it in 2013, the extension was to terminate in July.

When the authority dissolved, Arkebauer and Associates sued for money it claimed it was owed for services rendered.

The counties and the firm met Aug. 25 to discuss the matter and a settlement was reached. The four counties will each pay Arkebauer $51,772.50. In return, the company will release the counties from all future claims.

The counties will now use the Maumee Valley Planning Organization to assist with the Hillandale Farm project. The counties will receive all future fees from that project which should be around $59,589.

The Fulton County Dog Warden brought in $565 for the week ending Sept. 24.

The office boarded several dogs for $500, collected $50 for euthanizing a dog and $15 for selling a dog.

The county is continuing to receive increases in sales taxes, according to a report. Year to date (through September) for 2016 the county has collected $5,822,753.19. Last year, the county had collected $5,791,212.59.

This is the third straight year the county has topped $5 million after nine months. In 2011, the county had only collected $4,610,836.

The county has entered into a contract with Dura Mark for the 2016 Pavement Marking program. The contract is for $45,444.90.

Entities in the county will contribute the following amounts:
Fulton County – $15,871
Amboy Township – $889
Clinton Township – $9,132
Fulton Township – $895
German Township – $7,890
Pike Township – $932
Royalton Township – $2,306
Swancreek Township – $1,141
York Township – $6,386

Commissioners learned the cost to reproduce the old courthouse will be $15,244,300. This would be in case the structure is a total loss if damaged.

The cost is based on reproducing every feature of the courthouse as it exists today including brick walls, solid stone thick walls, stone or marble columns, carved wood, carved stone and other detailed features inside and outside.

To replace the structure with a modern building, the cost is $7.86 million. The new building would include new materials of like size, kind and quality.

The building will be covered at replacement cost until the board decides if it wants to pay for reproduction coverage.

Chad Smith director of Fulton County EMS gave a quarterly report to the board.

The departments have been impressed with the new direction being taken. A Medic Committee has been formed to work with Smith and directors on new ideas.

“This is going very well,” Smith said.

The agency has taken possession of the Delta ALS 2 and the Archbold ALS 1 squad. The crews have reported being excited about the advancements in the new models.

EMS has signed a contract with AIM Billing for a year of service. Smith has to gather all the documentation together by visiting each station and retrieving written copies of all billing and appropriate paperwork to be sent to the billing company.

Supply systems continue to be streamlined and each station has all the supplies it needs.

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