Fulton County To Abandon Airport Sewer Facility, Connect To Wauseon’s System


In what is described as a win-win-win situation, Fulton County will connect its Airport Sewer System to the city of Wauseon’s system.

The Board of County Commissioners approved the plan, following the lead of Wauseon’s City Council at its Nov. 21 meeting. The move will allow the county system to serve its current customer base and abandon its treatment plant.

Utilities Director Ziad Musallum brought the commissioners up to speed on the process. The move is needed because the county’s treatment facilities and equipment need significant upgrades to retain compliance with the state EPA’s discharge requirements. The facility lacks a critical treatment process, he stated in a report.

The county’s system discharges into South Bean Creek.

By connecting with the city’s system, the county can close its old plant and not have to conduct regular tests which require state officials to monitor. The city will benefit from the fees collected from the sewerage.

Closing the plant will cost $151,000, the report stated.

The county will continue to be responsible for maintenance of its lines, Musallam said.

“Once the county is connected to the city, we will have to comply with the city’s requirements,” Musallum said

The county and city will sign an agreement in February. The Dover Township site will be abandoned in October of next year.

The county’s Department of Jobs and Family Services continues to rack up honors from the state.

The state JFS handed out its 2016 Awards for Outstanding Performance by County Child Support Enforcement Agencies. The announcement came during the Fulton Board of County Commissioners meeting Dec. 1.

The department, headed up by Amy Metz-Simon, was recognized for having the:

Best Performance Paternity Establishment in the Medium-Small Caseload Division for 2016.

Best Overall Performance in the Medium-Small Caseload Division for 2016.

Commissioners approved advertising for a new position at JFS for a Support Services Case Manager. It pays $13.50 an hour and deals primarily with transportation and the Prevention, Retention and Contingency program.

For more information, contact Cara Leininger at 419-337-9295. Resumes and cover letters are due by 4:30 p.m. Dec. 16.

The board accepted Amanda Hartzell’s resignation as benefits case manager at JFS and approved advertising to fill that position.

In other news:
Hired Steve Brown as zoning inspector for $800 a month. The county needed someone to do the work after Wauseon cancelled its contract with the county.

Commissioners approved a final change order for the 2016 Pavement Marking program for $3,060.70. The change boosted the total cost to $42,384.20.

Commissioners reviewed the Dog Warden’s report for Nov. 20-26.

There was one dog brought in, six picked up and seven redeemed. Two dogs were dead on arrival.

The office collected $310 in fees with $160 for euthanasia.

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